To read a passage correctly & Reading Your Vowels in the right way

To read a passage correctly & Reading Your Vowels in the right way

One question that constantly remains in students' minds is how to improve reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is a tricky game. Regular practice and seeking help from tutors may help to improve. When we talk about English language reading, vowels play a major role. Especially students who are learning English for PSLE in Singapore. Reading comprehension is an important aspect of the English language. When you are reading, try to understand and extract the exact meaning for better overall awareness of what you are reading. Learning and implementing reading strategies that may help you change how you read can improve your reading comprehension abilities and make reading easier and more enjoyable for students in PSLE English tuition. When it comes to reading, everyday practice is a must, especially for newspapers or magazines, because it helps to improve reading skills and vocabulary.

Six essential strategies for improving reading are

  • Improve vocabulary 

  • Use context clues.

  • Write a summary of what you read.

  • Look for the main idea.

  • Break up the reading into smaller sections.

  • Pace yourself


In the English language, the letters a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y are known as vowels. It is always quite interesting to learn vowels. Always tell your students that a vowel is a sound made by blowing air out of the mouth without closing your mouth or teeth, and then explain that a consonant is a sound made by moving part of the mouth, lips, tongue, or teeth. Always give examples so that they can understand them briefly. Vowels are important as there is no word that can be spelled without a vowel in the English language. Every single vowel can represent two different sounds: the short sound and the long sound.

Steps that help pronounce vowels

  • Ask them to repeat 

  • Isolate the vowels in the word.

  • Give examples of short vowels 

  • Always go for long vowels once you get experienced with short ones.


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