Secondary 3 Chinese



About the Instructor

Mdm Zhu

What comes to mind first when the subject "Chinese" is mentioned? Could it be all the interesting and meaningful Chinese stories or perhaps all the hours you have spent on writing mind-crunching essays? Or could it be the unpredictable Chinese test results you receive everytime?


Nonetheless, Mdm Zhu's video tutorial aims to enlighten and change your perception on Chinese, exposing you to a whole new world of possibilities.


Other than being a qualified MOE Chinese teacher, during Mdm Zhu's time at various  primary schools, she has led her students to claim multiple coverted top prizes in reading and written composition competitions at the national level. She also started her own tuition centre 8 years ago and ever since, her students have improved tremendously and attained outstanding results in PSLE and O Level Examinations


"The future of the world is in my classroom today" This quote resonates deeply with Mdm Zhu as she strives to inspire students to appreciate the powerful and captivating Chinese Language. Look forward to share this journey with you.


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