Frequently Asked Questions

88tuition provides both e-learning and live classes. We teach Math, Science, English and Chinese for preschool to Secondary 4.

The learning process consists of video-based instruction, computer graded assignments and a dashboard which allows the student and parent to track progress. Every lesson is taught with the objective of engaging the student across the screen. Find out how we sprinkle this magic dust by trying the lessons. We also conduct live classes/interactions with the teachers for students to touch base with. Take a free trial here: https://www.88tuition.com/

Our teachers are highly experienced. They include Ex-MOE, HOD’s and Subject Heads. They have an average experience of over 15 years and an ability to build nurturing relationships with students.

Please read the teachers bio here: https://www.88tuition.com/Content/tutorials-docs/Expert-Teachers.pdf

Yes, absolutely. We require all users on our learning platform to be registered so you can access the correct content for your grade level.

Registered users will receive a 7 day free trial. The trial will expire after 7 days and no automatic debit will occur as we do not take payment details at registration. Your child(ren) will get access to 6 lessons across all subjects for the level(s) they are registered for. You can also upgrade to a paid account anytime during the trial month by clicking on ‘Upgrade Package’. You will receive access to the 1 year course for the subjects you select.

Only Parents can register for an account. No credit card/ payment details will be taken.

Click the sign up tab. Enter your name, email and mobile number. A one time password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile which shall be used to confirm your registration. The second window will allow you to register your child and his/her level. You can add more children to your account by clicking on your existing child’s name on the top right hand corner of your dashboard afterwards.

Please log in on https://www.88tuition.com/ and register as a parent. The next page will prompt you to add a child. You will need to enter a username and password for your child so they can log in independently.

You can register more children on your dashboard. Click on the registered child’s name and add child from the drop down menu.

You can Whatsapp 88110008 to ask for help. Alternatively you can visit the login page and press the ‘forgot password’  tab. You will be asked to enter your registered email address. A link to create a new password will be sent to the email address. Once a new password is created, you can login with the new password.

You can Whatsapp 88110008 to ask for help. Alternatively you can visit the login page and press the ‘forgot password’  tab. You will be asked to enter the child’s username. A link to reset the password will be sent to the registered parent’s email address. Once the password is reset, the child can login with the username and new password.

You can Whatsapp 88110008 to ask for help.

You can Whatsapp 88110008 to ask for help. It is possible you may have viewed the 6 lessons offered in your free trial or you may not have subscribed to the subject(s) you are trying to access.

On your dashboard, click on Buy Now and it will take you to the course selection page where you can select the courses and check out on the payment gateway.

We recommend 1 lesson per subject per week. The lessons will complement the curriculum taught in schools. The child can click on any lesson and progress at his/her own convenient pace. He/she can revise topics already covered in school or move ahead to prepare for upcoming lessons. Pick up tips and tricks to ace the exams in the Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) Review videos or go to the Practice Tab to create extra practice questions.

Your subscription is valid for one year from payment date. During this time you are allowed one complementary grade change.

The price includes all access to the full curriculum of the subject(s) purchased till the end of your subscription.

Please whatsapp 88110008 for any ongoing promotions. We have promotions for new users and renewal customers. Please WhatsApp us so that we can guide you on the relevant promotions.

Yes, we offer discounted pricing when you add subjects to your cart. Details can be found on our pricing page: https://www.88tuition.com/pricing

MasterCard/Visa credit cards or Paynow can be used to subscribe on our website. For any help with payments, please contact us via Whatsapp at 88110008.

You can review your child’s progress and performance through the Parent’s Dashboard on the report card.

- Lesson Plan: Select the Lessons, click “View History” next to the CAA.

- Practice Worksheets: Practice Tab -> Click “View History” on the top left corner.

Click View Details on the Report Card. You can see exactly how many minutes were spent on a lesson, which lessons and assessments were done, and when they were completed!

Yes we do offer 1 Free Live Class per subject. Please whatsapp 88110008 to book a free trial. This is only for first time users and is subject to availability.

Tutorial classes are conducted for students of Primary 3 to Secondary 3. Tutorial classes are conducted for English, Science, Math and Chinese. 88tuition follows the MOE curriculum and is best suited for students in the MOE system. Please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/tutorials for schedule and more details.

Online Zoom tutorial classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE. Students are expected to actively participate in the class and are able to ask questions. Recordings of the classes are available for 4 weeks after the class for revision and in the event a student misses the class.

We have selected expert teachers with deep subject expertise to conduct the Tutorial classes. The teachers have an average teaching experience of over 15 years and are able to build a strong nurturing relationship with the students. They include Principals, HOD, Subject heads, Level heads and Specialist tutors. To know more about the teachers please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/Content/tutorials-docs/Expert-Teachers.pdf

All live tutorial information can be found here: https://www.88tuition.com/tutorials

The course is spread over 48 tutorials, and they are numbered T1 to T48. The program is run for 48 weeks during a year, and they are numbered W1 to W48. Students need to attend one class per week for each subject. The same Tutorial (e.g. Math P5 T1) may be taught  by different teachers on different days in the same week. Please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/tutorials for schedule and more details.

Please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/Content/tutorials-docs/88Tuition2024.pdf for schedule.     

Please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/tutorials for schedule and more details.

Groups held identify the specific day/teacher selected by the student. The tutorial content, Prerequisites and Worksheets would be identical for the same subject in the same level across different groups.

Online Zoom tutorial classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE whereas the 88tuition e-learning program is pre-recorded and available anytime anywhere. Students interact with the teachers in the LIVE Tutorial classes and any queries and doubts are clarified on the spot. The tutorial classes are scheduled and create a disciplined approach to learning.

  1. 88tuition tutorials are extremely comprehensive to ensure greater learning outcomes!

The tutorial class has 3 parts:
(1) Prerequisite: Complete E learning Lesson to build a foundation
(2)  Worksheet: The teacher will directly see the student’s answers to understand their strengths and weakness and guide them better
(3) Attend Class: Interactive classes include the teacher explaining the concept as well as the worksheet to cover strategies, tips and common mistakes.

(4) Practice: Post class practice is available in the Practice Tab so students can master the topics!

We encourage students to attend the class however if students really cannot attend the class then they can access the recordings of the Tutorial classes are available so that they do not miss the content for the week.

If a particular Tutorial falls on a Public/Scheduled Holiday the Tutorial will be combined with the other Tutorial in the same week. Students are encouraged to attend the alternate class so that their studies are not interrupted. Recordings of the Tutorial classes are available as backup. Public / Scheduled holiday list is available at https://www.88tuition.com/tutorials.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to join the classes. Parents are requested to provide feedback so that we can continuously improve the program.

The Tutorial program complements the e-learning program. The 88tuition e-learning program provides a comprehensive self-study program using the LEARN and PRACTICE segments. TUTORIALS add a guided, interactive, and personalised element to the program. As an overall package, students are able to LEARN 24x7 using the recorded program, PRACTICE with customised worksheets and use the TUTORIAL segment to be guided by expert teachers in their learning journey.

Classes will be limited to 20 students for now. This number will be reviewed to ensure that students are getting close attention. 88tuition has always put the students first and will not stray from the core tenet.

Anyone who has subscribed for the Tutorial classes is welcome to join. Students need to be logged into their account to gain access to the class.

Please check the pricing table here: https://www.88tuition.com/pricing

Classes must be purchased in blocks of 4, 12 or 24 consecutive Tutorials. There is a discount for 12 and 24 class packs.

88tuition Subscribers are current paid customers of 88tuition. Non-Subscribers will be given access to the 88tuition e-learning platform for the duration of their Tutorial subscription.

No. There absolutely are no other charges. Our Fee structure is simple and transparent.

Yes. Non subscribers receive live classes and will be given access to the e-learning platform for the duration of their subscription. The e-learning access will enable them to view the reference lessons as well create personalised worksheets based on topic and difficulty level.

The subscription will automatically expire at the end of the 4-lesson block. There is no need to cancel the subscription. However, an early communication would help as the slot can be offered to another student who may be waiting for that particular subject/day/teacher slot.

To get the most of the Tutorial classes, please review/complete the Class Prerequisites and participate in the class. Additionally, stationery, some rough paper, and an open mind! This is the best time to absorb tips, so bring an awesome attitude, and you’ll benefit greatly!

Requests for one-on-one time with specific teachers will be considered. Time would be arranged in mutually convenient and charged separately. One-on-one time with teachers is not part of this package.