Frequently Asked Questions

Using the best and latest  technologies, 88Tuition provides video-based lessons for Primary 1- Secondary 5 students. The curriculum follows the Singapore MOE syllabus. Find out more in our About us section.

The platform works on the Parent-Child structure. The Parent account is created with a valid email and mobile phone and the Parent then creates the Child Account(s) which are linked to the Parent Account. The Parent shares the Child Account details with the student which gives the student independent access to the platform. The Parent can login using their email and review the progress of all the Child Accounts linked to that Parent Account.

Video based lessons: Each lesson follows a standardised learning process:

1. TEACH - Video lessons: The teacher explains the lessons with the help of a digital board and other aids.

2. ASSESS - CAA: Computer Aided Assessments: Students complete an assessment based on the material they have learnt, and the Computer marks the questions.

3. REVIEW – Video Explanations: The teacher answers each CAA question  in complete detail, step by step, sharing all working on the screen and allowing the student to review their work.  

4. EXTRA QUESTIONS – Worksheets: Some lessons have Extra Questions which are assessed exactly like the CAA above.

Live lessons: 88tuition conducts live lessons on a regular basis. You can access the schedule on the following link:


1. Yes! Login with your email address to access the parent account

2. Go to any completed lesson and click “View History” next to CAA to see how many questions your child is getting right.

3. Go to the dashboard to get a complete view of the number of minutes, the number of assessments, and your child’s performance on the assessments.

Our teachers are expert professionals with over 3 decades in the education industry. They have vast experience, including teaching at MOE schools. Read their profiles here: https://www.88tuition.com/teachers

Yes, absolutely. We require all users on our learning platform to be registered . This will keep your site safe and secure. Sign up here for your 7-day free trial: https://www.88tuition.com/

Yes, absolutely. We provide a 7-day free trial, where you can try 6 lessons. Sign up here: https://www.88tuition.com/. We do not ask for any credit card number upfront and no automatic debits will take place.

If you require some clarification on the content, please message the teachers. They are reachable on WhatsApp and Viber and their contact numbers are:

Teacher Indra – English @ +65 8933 0209
Teacher Bern – Mathematics @ +65 8933 0213
Dr. Ali – Science @ +65 8933 0205

Currently at 88tuition, we do not offer HW help to our students. Teachers will answer questions relating to 88tuition platform and not from anywhere else.

NO, 88tuition provides a free 7-day trial in which you receive 6 free lessons. We do not ask for any credit card number upfront and no automatic debits will take place. Your child will get access to 6 lessons across all subjects for the level they are registered for.

1. Trial: Registered users will receive a 7-day free trial. The trial will expire after 7 days and no automatic debit will occur as we do not take payment details at registration. Your child(ren) will get access to 6 lessons across all subjects for the level(s) they are registered for.

2. Upgrade: You can also upgrade to a paid account anytime during the trial period by clicking on ‘Upgrade Package’.

Parent account: Click the Sign Up tab. Enter your name, email, and mobile number. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile which shall be used to confirm your registration. Your client code and password will be sent to your email.

Child Account: The second window will allow you to register your child and his/her level. You can add more children to your account on your dashboard afterwards.

If you have not created a child account before, you will be prompted to do so from your dashboard. You will need enter a username and password for your child to log in independently.

You can register more children on your dashboard. Click on the registered child’s name and add child from the drop down menu.

Visit the login page and press the ‘forgot password’ tab. You will be asked to enter your Username (your registered email address). A link to create a new password will be sent to the email address. Once a new password is created, you can login with the new password.

Visit the login page and press the ‘forgot password’  tab. You will be asked to enter the child’s username (this is the one you created while setting up the account). A link to reset the password will be sent to the registered parent’s email address. Once the password is reset, the child can login with the username and new password.

It is recommended that the Username and Password be recorded for easy retrieval. If it is not retrievable, please contact us.

You must register. If you are a registered client, you may have viewed the 6 lessons offered in your free trial or you may not have subscribed to the subject(s) you are trying to access.

On your dashboard, click on upgrade package and it will take you to the course selection page where you can select the courses and check out on the payment gateway. 

We recommend 1 lesson per subject per week. The lessons will complement the curriculum taught in schools. The child can click on any lesson and progress at his/her own convenient pace. He/she can revise topics already covered in school or move ahead to prepare for upcoming lessons. Pick up tips and tricks to ace the exams in the Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) Review videos.

Each subscription will expire based on the specific Plan that has been selected.

The price includes all access to the full curriculum of the subject(s) selected. They subscription is for use by a single student only.

We may run promotions from time to time. These are typically displayed on our website and social media pages. Alternately, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Yes, we offer discounted pricing when you add subjects to your cart. Details can be found on our pricing page here: https://www.88tuition.com/pricing

Courses from different levels can be combined to receive the combo pricing. Please get in touch with us for a customised package to suit your requirement.

MasterCard and Visa payments can be made on our website. For all other payment modes, please contact us.

You can review your child’s progress and performance through the Parent’s Dashboard.

Answers to the Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) will be checked and a score given upon completion and the teacher will review the questions with the suggested answers with step by step explanation given. The performance data is captured and presented on the dashboard. 

No. We are in the trial phase as we are adapting to the government’s decision to have Home-Based Learning. There may be more lessons in future, depending on the demand and requirements of our students.

No. To show our support for Home-Based Learning, our live lessons are currently free during this period of the “Circuit Breaker”.

The levels of the students are indicated on the registration page. Please refer to https://www.88tuition.com/liveclasses for more details.

The 88tuition curriculum covers all topics. The live lessons pick some of these topics to discuss in further detail. Please see the schedule for the classes: https://www.88tuition.com/liveclasses. You can also click “past lessons” to see the recording from previous weeks.

Our teachers and subject specialists will be conducting these classes.

English: Teacher Indra

Math: Teacher Bern

Science: Dr. Ali

Please see their profiles here: https://www.88tuition.com/teachers

All lessons are presented Topic wise so it is easy for a student to zoom directly to the topic they would like to revise.

As best as we can, we try to follow the school syllabus so that students are able to revise what they have learnt in school. We would also like to hear from you what you would like covered in greater detail and will incorporate those suggestions into the live classes. Nearer to examination time, we may choose to do a wider range of topics so that this helps students to revise for their examinations.

Go to our website at https://www.88tuition.com/liveclasses where you will be able to see the lesson options. Click on ‘Join Class’ to register. 

Before class: Please complete the pre-requisite before attending the classes.

To Class: Please bring stationery, some rough paper, and an open mind! This is the best time to absorb tips, so bring an awesome attitude, and you will benefit greatly!

Please WhatsApp the teachers with your questions and suggestions so that we can incorporate them into our teaching program.

The WhatsApp and Viber Numbers are:

Teacher Indra – English @ +65 8933 0209

Teacher Bern – Mathematics @ +65 8933 0213

Dr. Ali – Science @ +65 8933 0205