Secondary 1 English



About the Instructor


With extensive teaching experience, Indra conducts lessons that are nothing short of wild and fun. A firm believer that learning takes place best while one is having fun, she incorporates stories, jokes and personal anecdotes (to name a few) into her lessons. Through her fun-loving and bubbly manner, she has managed to convince students to adhere to her learning methods, follow her studying tips and eventually ace their examinations.

Believing that no child should be left behind, Indra looks forward to reaching out to even more students through the classes at 88tuition. Hoping to make a difference in their educational journey, Indra dismisses the common saying, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” with her delightful and jovial manner. To that, we say "aye aye Cher!"


Lessons For This Course

Lesson 10 : Grammar – ‘So’/ ‘Any’/ Concords
Lesson 11 : Vocabulary – Synonyms
Lesson 12 : Vocabulary - Antonyms
Lesson 13 : Vocabulary - Homonyms
Lesson 14 : Vocabulary - Idioms
Lesson 51 : Visual Text Techniques – Target Reader/ Main Message / Image
Lesson 52 : Visual Text Techniques – Effect/ Intent/ Other Significant Details
Lesson 61 : Narrative Comprehension Techniques – Literal Understanding/ Inference/ Evidence Question
Lesson 62 : Narrative Comprehension Techniques – Vocabulary in Context/ Flow in Narrative Structure
Lesson 71 : Non-Narrative Comprehension Techniques – Inference with Paraphrase/ Point of View

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