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  • Ex MOE Secondary English & English Literature teacher, 16 years teaching experience
  • MEd in English Language from NIE, Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychology, BA (Sociology) NUS, ACTA
  • Ms Indra believes that each child has the potential to achieve the best they can be, so long they set their mind to it.
  • Her teaching style is pleasant and engaging, students enjoy her lessons and ace their exams.
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Congratulations on sailing through Primary 1! Now, we will learn multiplication and division which you will really start to enjoy! We know that you’re much quicker in your mental Maths now, so we will now take up some challenging questions to help you do even better in school. Join us to get the best Maths scores ever!

Lessons For This Course

Building Block 5 : Picture Graphs
Building Block 6 : More or Less
Building Block 8 : Patterns
Lesson 12 : Shapes

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Primary school is one of the most joyous moments of everyone's life. Through 88tuition's Maths tuition Singapore, students are taught the basics of mathematics in an engaging manner so that they get involved in the process of learning Maths and also don't forget the basics easily. Only when the basics are taught right, children will be able to grasp subsequent mathematical concepts much easier. The online training videos comprise of lectures, on-demand videos and assessments which are provided on full-lifetime access. The videos can be accessed both on mobile and TV making it an anywhere-everywhere learning module for children.

88tuition combines technology and connectivity to change the world of education significantly. The video-based learning materials offered to children help them learn mathematics in a highly engaging manner. In Primary 1 Mathematics, topics covered would be Numbers to 100, number positions, shapes, patterns, length, time, money, picture graphs and so on. 88tuition's PSLE Maths tuition handles all the mathematical subjects in an engaging manner to help our kids outshine most of their peers in terms of understanding and scoring in the examinations.