About the Instructor


A tutoring expert, Bern brings a happy and fun way of learning to the classroom. He adopts a highly evolved and entertaining way of teaching. Once students attend Bern’s lectures, they are bound to not only learn and apply their knowledge in the exams but also in their everyday lives. Bern focuses on the basics, thus building a tree of knowledge right up from its roots. After all, a kid with a strong core, will always deliver excellent scores.

Bern focuses on improving the learning methods of the new generation, in turn engraving whatever he teaches in the hearts of his students. By facilitating a medium of instruction where subjects step out from the textbooks and exams into the outside world, Bern manages to strike the right chord with his students, helping them understand how to transplant classroom learning to practical situations in their daily lives.


It is the year to strengthen your Mental Power. Ability to with ease is critical. The Basic seems simple but it is the Basic that brings a strong foundation to the subject. Master your Geometry and Model Drawing skills. This will give you an edge in the years to come.

Lessons For This Course

Lesson 03 : Addition and Subtraction Within 10 000
Lesson 04 : Addition and Subtraction Within 10 000
Lesson 05 : Addition and Subtraction Within 10 000
Lesson 06 : Addition and Subtraction Within 10 000
Lesson 07 : Revision: Numbers to 10 000 Addition and Subtraction Within 10 000
Lesson 09 : Multiplication and Division
Lesson 10 : Multiplication and Division
Lesson 15 : Revision: Multiplication Table Multiplication and Division
Lesson 25 : Revision: Measurements – Length, Mass and Volume + Bar Graphs
Lesson 33 : Geometry
Lesson 35 : Area and Perimeter
Lesson 36 : Area and Perimeter
Lesson 37 : Area and Perimeter

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