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Full Time Tutor since 2008 (Math and Science)


  • University Of Western Australia (UWA - Australia)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing and
  • Electronic Commerce)


A tutoring expert, Bern brings a happy and fun way of learning to the classroom. He adopts a highly evolved and entertaining way of teaching. Once students attend Bern’s lectures, they are bound to not only learn and apply their knowledge in the exams but also in their everyday lives. Bern focuses on the basics, thus building a tree of knowledge right up from its roots. After all, a kid with a strong core, will always deliver excellent scores.

Bern focuses on improving the learning methods of the new generation, in turn engraving whatever he teaches in the hearts of his students. By facilitating a medium of instruction where subjects step out from the textbooks and exams into the outside world, Bern manages to strike the right chord with his students, helping them understand how to transplant classroom learning to practical situations in their daily lives.

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This is the best year to sharpen your Whole Numbers and Model Drawing skills.In addition, the focus is on Fractions. Fraction is the key that can unlock many doors. Discover the key to find yourself way above the rest.

Lessons For This Course

Lesson 01 : Whole Numbers
Lesson 04 : Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Lesson 05 : Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Lesson 06 : Revision: Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Lesson 15 : Fractions
Lesson 17 : Revision: Fractions
Lesson 19 : Mid Year Examination Revision 1
Lesson 20 : Mid Year Examination Revision 2
Lesson 21 : Decimals
Lesson 22 : Decimals
Lesson 24 : Decimals
Lesson 25 : Solving Word Problems Series
Lesson 27 : Revision: Decimals 1
Lesson 28 : Revision: Decimals 2
Lesson 29 : Area and Perimeter
Lesson 30 : Area and Perimeter
Lesson 31 : Revision: Area and Perimeter 1
Lesson 32 : Revision: Area and Perimeter 2
Lesson 33 : Table and Graph
Lesson 35 : Revision: Time 1
Lesson 36 : Revision: Time 2
Lesson 37 : Final Year Examination Revision 1
Lesson 38 : Final Year Examination Revision 2
Lesson 39 : Final Year Examination Revision 3
Lesson 40 : Final Year Examination Revision 4

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The Singapore Math syllabus has the primary objective of helping students to master the necessary mathematical concepts that will be helpful for their everyday life. Mathematics is an integral part of our lives and topics such as numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division need to be taught in an effective and engaging manner. Only when the basics are learned well by the students, they will be able to grasp the advanced mathematical concepts easily. The Maths tuition Singapore conducted by 88tuition comprises of quality online training videos and timely assessments to help students learn all these core mathematical concepts with ease.

The interactive learning environment created by 88tuition lets children, teachers and parents work together. Children can learn from the comfort of their place, teachers can evaluate the tests and provide instant feedback and parents can monitor the progress of their children whenever they want. Assessments are conducted after completion of a certain list of topics to ensure that the children are proficient in those topics. With over 40 lessons and 255+ sections and 55+ hours of learning time, the topics concerning Whole Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, fractions, angles, decimals, time, table, graph and lots of other topics are taught in a clear-cut manner. 88tuition's PSLE Maths tuition module provides children to build a strong foundation on the basics of mathematics and then helps them learn advanced mathematical concepts easily.