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Ace the PSLE

88tuition follows a question-answer learning process which is best suited for building a strong understanding of the core concepts and securing top scores in the exams.

Teach-Assess-Review program

88tuition follows a simple learning process. Teach (Video) followed by Assess (Computer Aided Assessment independently done by student) and Review with the teacher (Video).

Latest MOE syllabus and questions

88tuition adheres strictly to the MOE syllabus and follows the classroom teaching as the year progresses. We use recent exam questions to bring the best to our students.     

Anytime Anywhere

88tuition allows the student complete control over the learning process. They can study anytime, anywhere and review the difficult sections multiple times until they are truly comfortable.

Ace English the smarter way

Master the various concepts of English - Grammar, Language Use, Oral Communication and Writing - and ace PSLE with ease through our PSLE English Tuition.

Crack Mathematics effortlessly

Mathematics isn't as difficult as you think. Learn different methods of solving Mathematical problems with ease through our PSLE Mathematics Tuition.

Excel in Science with ease

Our PLSE Science Tuition will help students ace PSLE by giving them theoretical and practical knowledge on each and every topic.

Assess your Learnings and Ace PSLE

Our Online Assessment will help students improve their ability to answer questions and also look at problems from different perspectives.

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