3 Math Myths That Are Keeping Many Students From Learning

3 Math Myths That Are Keeping Many Students From Learning

If you ask any student at any level of education to name one subject they fear or are not so fond of, the major chances are you will hear "mathematics" get mentioned many times. Indeed, there has always been a common assumption that mathematics is a mysterious and uniquely challenging subject, which leads to stress for students, especially in PSLE math. Because of this reason, a lot of students find it hard to understand math and succeed on their PSLE math exam. This is worsened by the fact that numerous myths surround the subject. These math myths increase stress, lower your confidence level and discourage students from trying to learn and love math. Hence, it is crucial to solve these myths and promote the significance and joy of learning math as much as possible. If students opt for PSLE math tuition and try to understand the concepts and techniques, math will also be a subject to be loved.

According to the National Research Council, traditional methods cause many failures in school students, and they believe in all mathematics myths. The best PSLE maths tuition will guide students in the right direction, dispelling myths and assisting them in understanding math. Read on to find out the three major math myths that may be hindering any student from becoming a math wizard at any stage.

Three mathematics myths 

Not everyone is capable of math. 

According to popular assumptions, math is a complicated subject that not everyone can learn. This is perhaps the most common misconception that hinders many students from fully understanding mathematics in their school stages. Many people falsely believe that math is easy only for those who are born with a math mind while others are not. However, there is not much truth to this myth for many academicians and researchers, especially when solving mathematical problems in PSLE math. In reality, everyone is capable of doing math in different ways, but it's a widespread myth among people for generations. 

Math is not creative.

Many students refuse to pay much attention to their math subjects because they believe it is too dull and boring. However, learning math can be a slow and contemplative process once the logic is clear, and although students would love math classes, they can nonetheless be fun and creative at the same time. The key here is for the teachers or tutors to incorporate exciting ways for students to learn math. Math can be done in any method. There is no particular way to do the math. PSLE math tuition online teaches different ways of solving problems. Students will find any one method to be easy.

Math can be done by anyone. 

Math is just a subject. It can be done by anyone at any age. PSLE math in particular is one of the major stages in learning math, which helps you grow in learning. Being a girl or boy, math has nothing to do with it. Students should find their own comfortable method of learning math. That's why students should take online maths tuition in Singapore.


If you want your child to succeed in math exams, put them in any PSLE math tuition online in Singapore, which helps your child to score more in their PSLE exams. PSLE is one of the major stepping levels for any student in Singapore.