6 ways to increase your kid’s intelligence

6 ways to increase your kid’s intelligence

Building intelligence in our kids is a very gradual process. It never happens overnight. We can never totally rely upon classroom learning to build our child’s intelligence. Here are 6 ways through which we can increase the intelligence of our kids:

Understand their learning preference

Each and every kid prefers different streams of learning. Some prefer learning through books while a few others prefer learning using online videos. Understand what your kid likes and introduce them to suitable content on those streams.

Online Videos

Whatever might be the learning preference of your kid, make sure you expose them to informative online videos. The internet is filled with lots of information. As parents, you need to pick the right information that is suitable and if interest to your kid and let them invest time viewing these videos.

Informative TV programs

It is important that you encourage your kids to view News channels and also channels that telecast science-related news. This will expose our kids to the reality that we all live in rather than keeping away from the worldly “real” happenings.

Spend more time with your kid

We don't deny the fact that we all live in a very busy world. However, it is important we spend some time with our family on a daily basis. Spending quality time with your children will help you understand what their topics of interests are as well as their shortcomings. By knowing your kids better, you can suggest to them the ideal means to increase their intelligence.