Parenting Tips: 7 Easy Ways Singaporean Parents Can Use To Motivate A Reluctant Learner

Parenting Tips: 7 Easy Ways Singaporean Parents Can Use To Motivate A Reluctant Learner

Each and every kid learns their subjects in a totally different manner. There is only a limited set of kids who find learning to be an interesting affair. The vast majority of kids do find it tough to learn subjects. Is your kid one such reluctant learner, this article is just for you. Here is a list of 7 ways through which you can motivate your kid to learn better:

Understand their learning pattern

Learning pattern is unique for each and every kid. Some kids like learning in the early hours of the day while some of them like learning post-dinner. It is important that you understand under which category your kid falls under. Then, let them learn their subjects at this convenient time of theirs. Do not force them to learn when they feel low. It is only going to increase their reluctance towards studying.

Talk with your kids

Is there a better way to understand your kids than by spending more time with them? Definitely not!

Make sure you spend an hour with your kid every day. Chat with them about what happened in their school. Also, make sure you ask them about how easy or difficult they find each subject. If you are not so proficient in any subject, make sure you talk with them about it. Encouraging words from parents can create an urge in kids to learn better.

Online Learning

There are several online learning platforms available on the web. Enrolling your kids to these advanced learning platforms will help them learn better. When information is provided in a very attractive manner for kids, they tend to learn better. Online learning does exactly that!

Listen to your kids

It is important to "listen" to our kids. This is where the earlier pointer of "talk with your kids" adds value. Only when you are close to your kids and spend more time with them, they will tell you things openly. When kids talk, make sure you listen. Only when you are a good listener, your kids will be able to share things openly with you. Be it shortcomings in any subject or issue with any teacher, all this will be discussed with you openly.

Educational Videos

Introduce your kids to educational videos that are related to their academic subjects. If your kid is learning the topic of the evolution of the earth, make sure you introduce them to videos related to it. It is going to provide them a much better understanding of the topic. It will also increase their urge to learn and explore more.

Quality TV Programmes

Most of the TV programmes just eat up your time without serving any purpose. Make sure you introduce your kid to TV programmes that are related to Science and other worldly topics. This is only going to widen their knowledge and develop their keenness in learning subjects.

Rewarding system

Set goals and rewards! If your kid completes a topic, give him/her a chocolate. If they perform well in a test, take them out for a movie or dinner. Rewarding system really motivates kids to learn and perform better.