About Blended Learning

About Blended Learning

Blended learning describes a fundamental change in education design by utilizing a combination of digital learning objects and active learning methods to improve the learning experience and outcomes.

A teaching session created with a blended learning model uses the face-to-face teaching time for activities that benefit the most from direct interaction. Its also called hybrid learning. Blended learning offers the students both online and offline opportunities to the students.

Educational technologies will play a bigger role in the future in converting classrooms into spaces where teachers and students collaborate to create knowledge and where students develop higher-order abilities like problem-solving, communication, and cooperation. The pandemic never stops the learning of the students, even the parents don't want their children to stop learning. Especially the students who are yet to write PSLE exams are the ones who need to focus. So many students have enrolled in online PSLE tuition in Singapore. 

Technology brings space for both the tutors and students, a better learning space, that does not affect their learning of the students. Even after the pandemic, many parents want their students to still learn online tuition for their PSLE exams. 

There are a lot of benefits to blended learning

  • Different people acquire knowledge in various ways.

  • Using various modalities increases engagement, learning, and retention considerably...

  • Learners can set their own pace.

  • Money is saved through blended learning...

  • Blended learning is adaptable and flexible.

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