Major areas that should be covered during primary English tuition

Major areas that should be covered during primary English tuition

When it comes to the PSLE curriculum, English has always been a subject of importance because many of the parents as well as children are not native speakers of the language. This very fact adds an additional responsibility to the parents, which is they have to find the best English learning platform for their children. Online English tuitions come as a blessing to most parents and children who find it hard to cope with the subject.

While English tuition is a great option, the question again is how to find the best English tuition. Well, parents might have to choose between online tuition platforms and private tuition centers. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, it would be wise for the parents to enroll their children in the best English tuition in Singapore so that they can be tension-free.

Any online English tuition has to succumb to a few thumb rules in order to gain confidence and trust among parents and students. The following factors are here for you to analyze:

  • Quality of tutors: no online tuition can be successful without the best tutors. There are a lot of online tuition providers who employ the best English tutors who have several years of teaching experience and are highly professional. At 88 tuition, all the English tutors are highly qualified and are native speakers of the language. This makes them unique as they really know the nuances of the language and how the same can be imparted to the children. Parents can even request demo sessions in order to get a glimpse of what their child would be learning.

  • Structure of the curriculum: this is a crucial factor in online tuition because parents and children rely on the curriculum. Online tuitions have to provide a structured framework of the curriculum and the tutors try hard to do justice to cover the syllabus. This includes the learning methodologies too and other resources such as assessments, learning material, and so on. When teaching methods are unique and engaging, children will get attracted to the subject and will automatically get glued to the learning process.

  • Accessibility to learning resources: 88 tuition makes it a point that all lessons are provided in the form of quality learning videos that are offered by the best English tutors. The lessons are divided into smaller sections and are taught in videos that are engaging and also effective. Each of the lessons is followed by an assessment. No student can learn if the process does not have an element of fun. Learning English can be made fun with the help of activities such as online reading activities, solving puzzles, mind games, and so on.

  • Oral speaking and writing skills: this is the most important part of our English tuition schedule. Kids have been trained on speaking skills as well as writing skills. This is achieved through reading sessions, audiobooks, live demo sessions by our tutors, and so on. Home assignments and practice assessments are always a part of our lesson plan. Tutors share comprehensive feedback after each assessment and help kids improve on their performance.