Past participles

A past participle is a verb form that is used to form perfect and passive tenses as well as to show past actions in any sentence. It can be used as an adjective too. It usually ends in-ed because it is formed from the past tense of a verb. As the past participle is a form of a verb, it cannot be used on its own in a sentence. Past participles are used as adjectives and to construct the perfect verb tenses, but to understand a past participle, it’s important to understand how they are formed from the verb. The root form is the form that you will find if you look up a verb in our dictionary. Past participles are a type of verb used mainly in two situations 

  • To create a perfect tensile

  • Modifying a noun or pronoun as an adjective

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The function of past participles

The past participle can perform many functions. It can function as a perfect tense, as an adjective to describe a noun, and as a passive voice. Its usage is very important when writing. The past participle is not only useful to describe an event in the near past but also very effective in giving an impression of what just happened to establish the credibility of the writer and the event.


The importance of past participles


Past participles look the same as the simple past tense of verbs besides those difficult irregular verbs, but they can do a lot of useful things that verbs can’t. Past participles, as well as the other types of participles, are also important because they allow us to create more complex sentences by acting as modifiers. If you can imagine a world without adjectives, you will understand how important past participles are. Not only that, past participles are needed in order to use the perfect and perfect continuous verb tenses in sentences. English grammar would definitely be missing a lot of useful tools with which we can build complicated sentences with the help of past participles.



  1. A laughing man is always better than a suffering man. Here, past participles are used as an adjective.

  2. Do not waste your time staring at a closed door.


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