6 Best Educational Apps for Singapore Kids (iOS/Android)

6 Best Educational Apps for Singapore Kids (iOS/Android)

Most of the kids across the globe are glued to their mobile devices. They love watching YouTube videos or like playing games on their smartphones or tablets. The modern-day kids spend more time on screens than ever before and this isn't a bad thing. Kids can have fun as well as learn a lot of new things through educational apps. Parents can provide apt guidance to their kids and help them use their smartphones in a better way. Here is a list of apps that we encountered recently and find it both fun and educative to use:

Sushi Monster

If you want your kids to learn the fundamentals of math in a fun way, then Sushi Monster is the app to go to. It also tests the thinking and reasoning power of kids. Players are asked to pick numbers off a sushi counter to feed a monster thereby earning points with each correct answer. By earning points, they will be able to unlock new levels.


How many of you feel Science is a boring subject? Well, for those of you, Science360 can be a redeemer. Using this app, you can develop an interest in them about Science. There are plenty of fun and engaging videos about Science. A news feed similar to that of Facebook displays breaking news in the field of Science frequently.

The Human Body

Do you want to educate your kid about the manner in which our body works? The best way to do so is by teaching them about it in a fun and engaging manner. With detailed diagrams and fun facts, you can learn about how the human body works. Be it the heart, eyes, eyes, stomach, skeletal or immune system, get detailed insights about each system.


Want your kid to learn multiple languages in an easier way? Duolingo is the answer to that. Through short lessons in the form of games, one can learn different languages in a fun manner. 

Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a brain training game that suits everyone from children to grown-ups. This is a game about drawing lines and shapes to move the red and blue balls. Through this game, kids will be able to develop flexible thinking.

Math 42

Facing difficulty in understanding mathematical concepts? With Math 42, kids can understand mathematics better, complete their homework easily and score well in tests. It provides you with an ideal way to solve a problem, step-by-step guide to complete the problem and several exercises that can be solved and shared over Facebook and email.

All of these apps are available across the globe. Singapore kids who are generally smart in learning will also find great use by utilizing these applications.