Best practices and habits to make your children proficient in Chinese

Best practices and habits to make your children proficient in Chinese

Any language is easy to learn with constant practice and hardworking. Learning mother tongue is not a big deal for any kid. The only thing is we speak the language on a regular basis with everybody in the home. So learning any other language is hard for a while but requires some constant practice, only proper speaking and writing practice makes you proficient in any language. 

So here are some of the best practices to make your children proficient in Children, 


No matter consistency is the key. Start communicating in Chinese, in the first place try to talk with your child in Chinese even though they reply to you in English or any other language. But make sure you are communicating in the Chinese language with them. 

Mirror Exercise

Mirror Exercise is one of the important things where you can self-evaluate yourself and can learn the mistakes you do and can re-correct them. So make the child start speaking in front of the mirror and let them build their language and self-confidence too.


Do some fun activities and do everything in Chinese, like make them understand things, you understand their interest and ask them to answer in Chinese. Try helping with translations from the desired language to Chinese. 

Chinese Tuition

Another big help you can do for your child is availing themselves of the best Chinese tuition for them. One of the important subjects for the students in the PSLE exam is language. So focusing on the right tuition is more important. If you are looking best tuition for the child, then 88tuition will be the best choice.

Reading books 

Reading something new on regular basis in the Chinese language is more important. Reading some stories, books are another way to help improve the language. 

These are some of the tips to make your child become proficient in Chinese. No matter what tips we say it's always the hard work and consistency that gives out the result. So work on that regularly.