Are your children ready for the upcoming PSLE exam 2021?

Are your children ready for the upcoming PSLE exam 2021?

This year’s PSLE is just around the corner, this upcoming PSLE examination is very important as it determines your child’s secondary education path. The global pandemic has not only made things difficult for adults, but children also seem to have a hard time in their preparation. Having to face the examinations after a long break. Parents' extra care and attention are definitely needed for the children this year's preparation and to face it.

             Thus planning and discussing with your child about timetable preparation and their future study paths is important. Planning and revision take months prior to preparation to finally ace the exam. Also, prior planning helps them to prepare mentally for the exam.

            Revising and preparing for PSLE is not simply going through the previous year's question papers. A vague study plan is not sufficient to break through PSLE with shining colors, breaking down the study plan to individual topics, subjects are very important. It is advisable to keep in mind the mark split-ups and time allocations to answer the questions. You can use PSLE tuition online during this pandemic time to track your children’s progress. We also help you in planning the exclusive study plan according to every student’s individual strengths and minuses.

            Here we offer you some of our important tips to ace your preparation for this PSLE 2021.

1.       As we said earlier, pre-planning with a study table is your secret weapon not only for this PSLE 2021 but for every year you are yet to face. So ensure to break your planner down to concentrate individually on all the subjects.

2.       Not a single plan suits all. Similarly, not a single study method will be right for all the kids. So take your time with us to analyze and find out the method which will suit your kid the best.

3.       As much as it is important to prepare a study timetable, it’s important to keep your materials ready to go. With PSLE tuition access our customized study materials which is prepared with previous year's question papers and our expert teacher's notes.

4.       Make sure to be aware of all the do’s and don’ts to plan accordingly. It’s important to avoid unnecessary errors due to negligence.

5.       Encourage your kids with small rewards now and then to motivate them. Designate break times and speak with kids to understand their condition. Spend your time to encourage your child and relieve the exam stress.

6.       Good rest and correct food are equally important for their overall health and memory function. Ensure your children are getting enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day.