Common mistakes your child is making in 2021

Common mistakes your child is making in 2021

Misinterpreting the Questions:

Even though your kid has prepared their best for their PSLE exam, they might end up losing marks due to misunderstanding the question. This has always been a huge issue not only for high schoolers but also the primary students because PSLE is different from other systems.

Not all questions are straight to the chase and clear-cut direct, these days questions are becoming increasingly lengthy. The lengthy questions result in most children skimming through the question to free themselves from the hazel of going over the entirety.

The exam and questions expect to read all the questions completely to answer the questions conceptually correct. Thus it is important to read the questions fully without skimming to get the correct answer. Only that can help in not misunderstanding the question they know well and ending up answering wrong.


Misreading the options:

As much as it’s important to read the questions correctly it is also important to carefully choose the answers in Multiple Choice Questions. In the PSLE exam, MCQs are viewed as the best way to score easy marks. But easy marks also come from tricky questions, so it’s important to check to understand the question. It is necessary to extra carefully check the negative questions and true or false ones.

It’s always advisable to teach the elimination method to your kids for getting the answers correct.

Not finishing on time:

Running out of time is one of the common mistakes due to incorrect time management. Children end up spending more time on one question which in turn makes them run out of time to even read through the remaining questions. Thus it is very important to teach your kids about time management and teach them how to split their time for answering each question of different sections. By correctly utilizing their time they won’t end up dwelling too much time on a question they stuck upon. Getting stuck on a single question always leeches off the time for answering the known questions.

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