Common Myths about Online PSLE Tuition Debunked

Common Myths about Online PSLE Tuition Debunked

Tutoring, there are lots of myths revolving around PSLE online tuition. We must dispel these myths as a leader in online tutoring. We want students to be clear about having a tutor for them. Because of myths, we want parents to think tutoring is within reach. So, let us dispel six tutoring myths.

Myth 1 : "Tutoring makes your child dependent" 

Having a tutor makes kids feel like they can't do it alone, so they rely on outside help. However, school lessons teach a class of 30 children the same way, but only some children learn the same. Your child can discover their learning style and strengths with a tutor. It teaches them to take charge of their learning and enjoy discovering new ways to make their favorite subjects more fun.

Myth 2 : "Tutoring destroys your child's confidence."

PSLE exams are really hard and When considering a tutor for their child, parents worry about the message it sends. Surely it will make any child feel inadequate? No way. Having a tutor shows your child that you'll do anything to help them succeed, which can inspire them.

Myth 3 : "Tutoring is only for rich people" 

The most common tutoring myth. It's well known that tutoring is expensive and only available to those with good jobs and lots of disposable income. This one isn't true, either. Tutoring comes in so many forms that there's something for everyone. 88tuition lessons start at an affordable price, less than most families spend on a takeaway pizza

Myth 4: "It hinders their success."

Some parents worry that their children won't be able to celebrate their success if they use a tutor for PSLE online tuition. Since their parents paid someone to help them study, it's understandable. But it's wrong; kids with great tutors like 88tuition succeed. It just means they have a teammate, not that their success is less deserved. Their tutor is one of their biggest cheerleaders, so they enjoy celebrating wins together.

Myth 5 : "It instills a lack of accountability and responsibility," 

We know failure stinks. It's easy to point fingers at the tutor, school, teacher, and exam board. While it's easy for a child (and their parents) to blame a tutor's poor performance for exam failure, this won't help the child. A tutor doesn't guarantee success. No matter the help, not all kids can get top marks. If a child fails, their tutor will help them plan for next time. The child needs to take charge and figure out how to succeed. Blaming won't help.

Myth 6 : "Time could be better spent on other activities

Kids learn enough at school. They should spend their free time learning a new skill, instrument, or language instead of reviewing material they already know. The tutor can adapt lessons to the child's learning style, making tutoring beneficial. It's a valuable experience many enjoy and benefit from, so it feels like something other than school. Tutoring should only happen sometimes, so your child will have plenty of time for other activities.

Final Words 

If one of the above myths made you hesitant to hire a tutor, we hope we've dispelled it. Give tutoring a try—most kids love it. We 88tuition is the best PSLE tuition in Singapore; We're experts at helping kids across the country to excel, flourish, and succeed. Just enter your subject and browse the qualified, trustworthy tutors who can help you and your child. It's worth it to jump.