Do computer algebra systems improve math education?

Do computer algebra systems improve math education?

(CAS) Computer algebra system is otherwise called (SAS) Symbolic algebra is a type of mathematical software with the ability to change mathematical expressions in a traditional way.

Some of the examples of computer algebra systems are Maple, Mathematical and MathCAD

        Computer algebra systems may be divided into two classes   

  1. Specialized purpose,

  2. General-purpose.

Specialized purposes focus on a specific part of mathematics, such as number theory, group theory, and elementary mathematics 

General purposes focus on the scientific field that requires the manipulation of mathematical expressions.


       CAS has been used in many ways especially in the primary and secondary levels of advocacy to increase the usage of computers in mathematics and decrease the use of pen and paper and calculators as well. Some institutions offer primary mathematics tuition as well. 88tuition is one of the best online tuition in Singapore provides mathematics tuition as well for other subjects.

       It is also highly used in higher education. In some regions, it became mandatory and added to the curriculum as well. Universities also offered courses to explore in this particular field. 

Benefits of CAS

  1. Computer algebra systems are used to simplify rational functions, find the solution for a system of equations and other manipulations.

  2. In calculus can be used to find the limits, integrals, and differentiation of equations.

  3. Work with the equations analytically 

  4. Improve accuracy with maths 

  5. It gives you the readily available data structures and libraries to run data 

  6. Helps in creating existing data structures and custom functions.

  7. Helps in doing maths in a computable way.

And finally, a computer algebra system that is very helpful in doing computable mathematics.

Computer algebra systems provide lots of benefits and make the hardest theorems easier for people in a programmable manner. However, everything is digital in this world now. Computable mathematics is also one such kind, replacing pen and paper evolved in improving maths education.