Difference between the argumentative and discursive essay writing

Difference between the argumentative and discursive essay writing

What is essay writing?

An essay is a short piece of writing about a particular topic based on stories. Essays can be formal as well. There are 4 types of essays generally argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays.

Argumentative essay writing

Like other types of essay writing, argumentative essay writing also consists of an introduction, main content, and conclusion. Argumentative essay writing is all about choosing a topic that is arguable and presenting both the views of both sides of the coin.

The essay consists of an introduction that clearly explains the gist of the topics and the body of the essay consists of three to four subheadings that strongly provides the major arguments of the particular topic and the conclusion that justifies the topic.

Discursive essay writing

Discursive essay writing is which can be either arguable or against the topic. Starting the essay with the introduction that is interesting to the readers and talking for and against the topics in the main content of the essay part after understanding all the facts of the topic.Conclude the problem with the solution from your point of view that may be either for or against.

Difference between the argumentative and discursive essay writing

There is really a big difference between both essay writing types. 

  1. Argumentative essay writing is a formal way of writing and this essay completely defines the arguments and the author explains the purpose of proposing and opposing arguments.

  1. While discursive essay writing is a more formal and impersonal style. The author of the essay doesn't take a stand on one side instead they express an unbiased view of the topic and finally concludes with the writer's view.

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