Don't Feel So Scared of Problem Sums Anymore! - PSLE Maths

Don't Feel So Scared of Problem Sums Anymore! - PSLE Maths

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first major examination for students who are studying in Singapore. It marks the beginning of their academic learning journey and also serves as an assessment of a student’s early primary education. Students who initially step into academic life have their own set of expectations and excitement about their school, teachers, friends, learning, etc. As time goes on, they find it difficult to learn about the subjects they go through every day. 88tuition PSLE math tuition helps the students in a major way to overcome exam stress by helping them prepare accordingly. As we all know, PSLE maths is one of the hardest subjects for many students. Children who dislike math, in particular, find it difficult to grasp the concepts and apply them to problems. So here are some of the important strategies and methods to clear your math and get good scores.


 Plan a revision timetable.

Having a revision timetable will help to reduce the stress for both students and parents as well. Having a timetable and preparing accordingly will help a lot. It is always important for parents to get their child involved in the planning and setting of a goal as this will allow the child to be more independent in their learning as well. Discuss with your child the amount of time to spend on the various subjects and remember to allocate play and rest time to ensure a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Online math tuition Singapore will allocate scheduled classes according to the students' needs.

Work on time management.

When it comes to time management, it is something that a lot of students struggle with every day. Some students are unable to reach the end of the paper, and this is a pity as there might be effective questions that they are able to score well on. The best solution is to have multiple mock papers, which will help them to plan and complete the paper effectively within a given time frame. 88tuition is one of the best PSLE maths tuition available in Singapore with effective tutors and provides practice in setting mock exams.

 Careless mistakes

 Careless mistakes are one of the common mistakes made by every student during the anxiety of the exam. Careless mistakes include

  • Failure to read the exam question properly 

  • Spending time on easy questions

  • Exam anxiety

  • Misreading of questions


 One of the best ways is to join the students for online maths in Singapore. Because tuition will help the students overcome all these problems faced by many students. PSLE maths tuition will provide all the learning materials and important questions and will help with easy techniques for solving the problems. 88tuition, one of the best PSLE math tuition in Singapore, helps your child to learn in an effective manner.