Encourage and bond with your children in the transformation of their learning phase

Encourage and bond with your children in the transformation of their learning phase

Do you know what keeps us driving our whole life peacefully? Satisfaction in our work and the motivation to live further and work towards the goals. The prior thing about this is every adult has gone through some rough and growth period to understand all about these. But if a child got an opportunity to learn everything and understand all these things during childhood days, then it's an added bonus. Let's understand Children’s learning towards all these things and look further at how parents bond help to grow into better humans. 

Parent Relationship

The first role model for every child is their parents.No matter how many people are around us. The care the parents show to their children will not be changed. you can understand the children’s feelings start communicating with them and understanding emotions, which can help you to build the basic foundation for the child. Without communication nothing is possible, so start communicating today. 

Teachers relationship

Teachers are the child’s second parent. This is a simple truth, that everyone knows. So the relationship between the teacher and child should be good to continue the harmony of the relationship. 

At 88tuition we choose our tutors based on how they behave with the kids as well. This is one of the qualities we always prefer apart from academics. That’s why parents and children consider us, as one of the best online tuition in Singapore. 

Sharing and Caring

As you know children hesitate to tell everything they did, so make the habit of your child communicating everything to you. For instance, you can also share the feedback, some pieces of advice, cheers and your routine, etc., So the child gets to know the do’s and don’ts as well as good and bad.


A beautiful relationship always comes with a better friendship, no matter it is your life partner or your child if feel the relationship should stay strong, must choose friendship in the first place that helps you in the long run to build a beautiful relationship. 


Not all kids are the same, everyone has their individual characteristics. So be sure that you understand your child better and help with their educational needs based on their capability. Frequent revisions and small tests help you to achieve the score goals. These are some of the important things you can be considered for a better relationship between parents and children.