5 Master Techniques to Excel in PSLE Science

5 Master Techniques to Excel in PSLE Science

PSLE Science is one subject that has evolved into a whole new format with the latest advancements in technology and new learning methods. Parents and teachers are concerned when it comes to science because it is more than a subject and it is best learnt when it is accompanied by a lot of real-time examples.

Here are some of the techniques that you could possibly follow to help your children excel in PSLE science:

  1. Understand the PSLE science syllabus:

    This is one of the main points before we start worrying about teaching it to our kids. As parents or teachers, you must be able to have an understanding of the syllabus and the lessons in science for each grade. You can then figure out various teaching methods that could be adopted to teach your kids. Science is a subject that is full of facts and concepts. Only when children grasp the facts, they can understand the applicability of the concepts.

  2. Take up homework/assignments:

    If you want your kid to excel in any subject for that matter make sure as a parent you spend time with them in teaching them and learning along with them. This will have a positive effect on their learning. Do not enforce rote learning as this will not help your kids in the long run. Make their homework or project lively by showing them examples and allowing them to take up a lot of DIY assignments. Science can be mastered when it is practised with the help of experiments.

  3. Practise question papers :

    Try to revise the previous year question papers with your children. This will ensure your students get an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions. You can try to attempt and solve the question papers to get a better understanding of the subject and its application. You will realize that the syllabus of science itself has given a lot of weightage to the application of knowledge.

  4. Introduction to keywords of exams :

    There are a lot of keywords you can take your children through to help them in exams. They are ‘describe’, ‘state’, ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘define’ and so on. If you observe these words, a few of them demand higher-order thinking skills like the application of concepts while a few demand lower-order thinking skills like recall of a concept. This will help your children to understand how they should present their answers for each type of question. 

  5. Get your child the best science tuition:

    Primary science tuition in Singapore has been practised by a lot of parents to give their children the best learning resources. Many of the PSLE science tuitions have the best tutors who impart critical thinking to students and the tutors come up with exciting learning methods that would really help the children master the subject and excel in it.

    As we all know about the Singapore education system, they are superior in the world by providing quality education to the kids and students. Their classes are fully scripted by practical oriented sessions. Most importantly,

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