Grammar | Verbs of Context

Grammar | Verbs of Context

Grammar is one of the important part of PSLE English subject for any candidate in Singapore. Learning grammar is not that easy as it has more rules and more types like speech , voice etc., Verb plays a major role in understanding grammar and framing good sentences. Let understand the importance of verbs in grammar part, stay till the end to know more,

Importance of verbs
Verbs act as the heart for any well framed sentences , without ver a sentence is always incomplete. Verbs represents the actions done by the noun. Verbs help to understand the 3 different tenses , which is the most important purpose of their presence in the sentence. A verb is an essential component of any sentence. A verb can serve two purposes: it can set a subject in motion, or it can provide more information about the same subject.

The most important thing to remember is that each subject must have a verb. If this rule is not followed, you will end up with a fragment, which is a major writing mistake.

Before using a word as a verb, you should always consider its function. Many English words serve more than one purpose when used in a sentence. A word can be a noun, a verb, or even a modifier, as you will discover. As a result, you must pay special attention to how words are used in sentences.

1.Verbs convey action.

Verbs in English are used to express either actions ('read' or ‘study'), occurrences ('become' or 'happen'), or states of being ('be' or 'feel'). This is the first and most important of the verbal functions that allows this word class to carry and communicate the core meaning of a clause

2. Verbs construct clauses

Any student who is already familiar with sentence structures should understand that a sentence can be made up of one independent clause or a combination of many dependent and independent clauses. Because an independent clause typically requires both a subject and a predicate, and because verbs and verb phrases are essential components of predicates, this word class clearly serves to create the very foundation of human language. Verbs are at the heart of almost all clauses and sentences, whether they involve just a subject, a subject and an object, or a subject and a complement:

3.Verbs provide tense and aspect information.

The third way verbs are useful in the English language is that they can be used to change the tense (time) or aspect of an expression (duration of time). A speaker can quickly and consistently change the temporal meaning of an expression by conjugating a verb through inflectional affixation or adding auxiliary verbs to its verb phrase.

4. Modality is demonstrated by verbs

Although this is only possible with certain auxiliary verbs, another important function of this word class is the ability of verbs to communicate mood and modality. Modality is a linguistic feature that conveys a speaker's attitudes toward the world around them, either through judgments, assessments, or interpretations of a proposition's believably, reality, obligation, or desirability.

5. Verbs indicate agreement

The final useful function of verbs is that they can be modified to demonstrate agreement, which is when a word changes form because of the other words in the sentence to which it is related. In the English language, agreement is limited to grammatical person and number between subjects and verbs. This means that English verbs can change form to indicate whether the subject is in the first-, second-, or third-person, and whether the subject is singular or plural.

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