Guidance for PSLE science assessment

Guidance for PSLE science assessment

PSLE Science is one of the complex subjects in PSLE. Science is thick from our daily lives and studying that subject is intriguing, and it's hard.It always fascinated us about the living things around us like plants , animals, planets, satellites, everything. Science teaches us the adventurous things in our everyday life. Some of the important tips for the PSLE Science for doing your assessment in a better way. 

Familiarize with the content

Before starting with the subject, start understanding the whole content of the subject. Use the updated syllabus. First, understand the syllabus completely. To answer all these questions, build your basics very strong. 

Building your basic strength helps you to become confident in the subject and provides clarity over the subject. 


Scoring good grades in any subject based on the understanding level of the subject. So Understanding is the key factor that describes the scoring part. Start focusing on the regular classes while the teacher teaches. It gives a greater understanding of the subject.

Activity by teacher 

We always love practical things rather than boring theoretical sessions. Kids are not exceptional. They really love it when they are attracted to small and handy activities. For example, activities like collecting leaf samples, vegetable carving, quizzes etc.,


Out of all these things, curiosity about learning and applying is the most important key. Before teaching, ensure that you make the student curious to understand the concepts. Telling stories related to the topic creates more curiosity. Stories help the children to visualize the content easily. Helping the child with a video form of subject materials is the easiest way to make them understand.


Getting proper guidance is the biggest part of this exam preparation and scoring part. Not every child has time to get guidance and support from their parents. And some children are introverts and they require additional support and mentorship. 

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