How to help primary students enjoy science?

How to help primary students enjoy science?

Top 5 ways to learn science in a better way

We are always fascinated by the living things around us like plants, animals, planets, satellites, everything. Science never fails to teach us the adventurous things in our everyday life. Here are some of the exciting ways that help children to learn science in an interesting way

1. Activity by teacher: 

We always love practical things rather than boring theoretical sessions. Kids are not exceptional. They really love it when they are attracted to small and handy activities. For example activities like collecting leaf samples, vegetable carving, quizzes, etc.,


2.Chemical reactions: 

We used to play with color-changing litmus paper during our lab hours to check the acidic or basic nature of the given samples. Chemical reactions never end there. There are endless equations and reactions in science especially in chemistry. Children really love when they are involved in learning reactions than theories


3. Museums:

There are some important things apart from reactions and activities.

Yes museums, help the students with real-life examples and ancient creatures and lifestyles that existed.


4.Computers, TV channels:

Teaching science through visual formats helps the student to understand better, with animations and illustrations. For example, showing the plant growth in a fast forward manner, sharing the video explanatory for the photosynthesis process, respiration process. Etc., Kids enjoy learning in this way.

5.Curiosity Creation:

Out of all these things Curiosity to learn and apply is the most important key. Before teaching, ensure that you make the student curious to understand the concepts. Telling stories related to the topic creates more curiosity.

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