How Can Kids Overcome the Fear of Maths Primary Exam ?

How Can Kids Overcome the Fear of Maths Primary Exam ?

Most of the kids develop fear towards their academic subjects and this fear generally tends to become an aversion towards learning, when not addressed. 99% of children are very curious and are always open to learning new things. But there are certain factors that lead to children fearing a subject, especially mathematics. 

Mathematics as a subject is fascinating and when taught in an appropriate manner, there cannot be any child who does not love maths. The following factors might contribute to the fear of children towards maths:

  • Lack of understanding of concepts
  • Lack of interest in the subject
  • The complexity of certain topics or lessons
  • Bullying by fellow classmates for not being able to understand the subject
  • Inferiority complex
  • Lack of support from parents as well as teachers
  • Lack of encouragement 
  • Giving too much attention to the failure 
  • No proper access to the right learning material 

Well, the above list might not have covered most of the causes and parents worry a lot when it comes to primary mathematics because it is not that easy to involve a primary grade child in academics. So parents tend to look out for various other alternatives that can help their child learn math and develop an interest in the subject.

When it comes to PSLE maths tin Singapore, the subject demands a lot of understanding of the concepts rather than rote learning. So there, a lot of parents opt for primary mathematics tuition in Singapore in order to help their children with better clarity and understanding of the subject. 

Online maths tuitions in Singapore are really competitive with respect to their learning resources and the availability of expert tutors. Parents and children can engage in an attractive math learning process with the help of technology and internet connectivity. 

In online tuitions, each child is assigned to a math tutor who tries to give individual attention to that child. So through the process, children get used to the learning techniques, math concepts, problem-solving methods, and so on. Tutors also understand the child’s learning capacity and ensure he or she keeps improving day by day.

Many of the best tuitions like 88tuition.com aim to serve children with high-quality learning videos for each subject so that children find learning very interesting. They also have regular homework and assignments where students get assessed after they complete an assignment. Parents can track their child’s learning progress in a dashboard and focus on areas of betterment.

Both parents and tutors have to take the responsibility of educating a child so that he or she can find academics and math learning very attractive. Do not treat your child in a negative manner when he or she fails to score well in any of their math tests or when your child does not meet your expectations. Instead, be there when they need you and only this can take them towards a bright future.