How to remember what you study during exam times ?

How to remember what you study during exam times ?

Exam times bring anxiety and stress during exams. And most of the children undergo stress in the exam hall as they forgot the important key points. So let's see some of the important key factors to remember what you study during exam times. 


Organize your study place and keep your study environment clutter-free. A clutter-free environment can make you stay focused during your study hours. So be organized and collect all your study materials in the same place.



Visualize the content during the study hours. So use images and pun intended ways of studying. Once you start visualizing the content you will get to know the subject easier and deeper


Get study materials from the school for PSLE exams. Get proper guidance from tutors and friends. If parents couldn't guide the children during the exam time, they can enroll their child in PSLE online tuition at the comfort of their home. 

Time management 

Time management is one of the major skills for students while preparing for exams. Follow Pomodoro technique for proper preparation. Give yourself proper breaks while studying 


Revision is one of the best strategies to score well. Don't push yourself to read new topics before the exam, only practice helps you a lot. So revise already studied topics well. So that you can remember all the topics that you have studied during the exam times. 

Mental health

Take care of your physical and mental health properly so that you can focus on your education. Stress and anxiety are the bonuses of exams. So try meditating and do some physical exercises to keep yourself healthy. 

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