How young children can improve on their handwriting?

How young children can improve on their handwriting?

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education.

                                                                            - Mahatma Gandhi

                       In this digital era, handwritten notes are not given enough importance. The penmanship and handwriting of today’s children are not even halfway par with the older generation when they were of this age. Most parents deem it to be unnecessary since laptops and mobile phones have become a huge medium of education. The knowledge of typing and using gadgets alone are seen enough and handwriting practice is not given enough importance by parents.

                        As parents are not cultivating good reading and writing habits children from a very young age become addicted to gadgets. The gadgets not only reduce their memory and thinking capabilities but also affects the fine motor skills development in young children. Even with any amount of innovation and technology writing will never lose its place.


Handwriting is more connected to the movement of the heart.

                                                                     - Natalie Goldberg

                      Improved handwriting can help children to understand even better. It’s true that perfect award-winning penmanship is not required to succeed in life but legible handwriting is a necessity. Thus continuing the handwriting classes in schools is necessary to properly improve young children’s handwriting. Since it is difficult for even adults to understand the importance of legible writing, young kids slip away from learning good handwriting habits. With some strategies, you can teach your kids to improve their handwriting skills.

                    The grip is the first and foremost thing to check and improve on for good handwriting.  Use the "tripod grasp" method to teach and improve their holding skill.  The thumb should be bent, with the index finger pinching on the opposite part of the pen or pencil. The middle finger should be on the side of the pencil. The last two fingers will be tucked into the hand.

                     Lining precision and propositions are important to make the handwriting consistent. Teaching and making them practice writing along the lines can help effectively in this issue.

                     Cheeking and pinpointing the unclosed loops in some characters that they write while practicing is important. Also check for the characters they confuse while writing practice, it not only helps in correcting their handwriting but also in their word building and spell checks.

                   For older kids, calligraphy can be introduced to enhance their penmanship. Home practicing and teaching are important in addition to their learning from school. Only practice will improve their handwriting.

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