How to answer Open ended PSLE Science questions

How to answer Open ended PSLE Science questions

PSLE Science Exams come with challenges such as MCQ & Open-ended questions. More than merely knowing the material is needed to answer open-ended questions in elementary science. In contrast to MCQs, which can be answered with little more than memorization, open-ended questions force students to demonstrate their ability to read, write and explain. In open-ended inquiries, students are frequently presented with novel situations that necessitate using fundamental scientific principles. Let's find out what to do about OEQs, and how to deal with them right now.

Take the Time to Read the Question

Investing the necessary effort and time to comprehensively read the questions at hand is a crucial step. It protects you from making a sloppy error that could lead you down the incorrect route, wasting valuable time, or delivering an answer that needs to adequately respond to the question.

Studying the Correct and Appropriate Usage of Scientific Terms is a Necessity

When you have a general knowledge of what is being asked of you in the question, the following stage is for you to communicate the level of understanding that you have reached. Identifying the essential words and phrases in the question should come first before you respond to it. How you construct your response is determined by words like "how" and "what." You will be required to deploy keywords and key terms that adhere to the structure associated with each open-ended question, which may vary from question to question. Even if your answer has all of the appropriate terminologies, it is possible that you will not receive full credit for it. Focusing on being reasonable, transparent, and concise in your responses can help you stay on the correct path.

Prepare Smartly

Students can learn answering techniques either from their school tutor or tuition tutor. Grabbing the right strategies and sticking to the same method helps every student to handle the Open-ended questions. 

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