How to organize paragraphs in English writing

How to organize paragraphs in English writing

It takes creativity, technique, and the will to do better with each new composition or draft prepared to write an excellent essay for the PSLE English exams.

Writing an excellent composition requires the use of all three components. 88 tuition is one of the best online PSLE English tuition in Singapore where writing instructors usually advise students to read widely; fiction, news, and biographies are good sources of inspiration. 

The main factor influencing an excellent composition is the willingness to write and refine each draft. Students who want to complete a writing assignment sloppily will frequently produce a substandard design that is passable but ultimately uninteresting. We want our pupils to set lofty goals for themselves, so they must do so. Inspiration and desire by themselves, nevertheless, are insufficient.

Good technique is essential for good writers. In this article, We will discuss paragraphing, one of the most underutilized but most straightforward writing techniques. A new paragraph is necessary in at least different cases.

  1. Whenever a new character is introduced in a story a new paragraph is also introduced and if any new event happens a paragraph will be added to the story

  1. When the story's setting changes, it's time to start a new paragraph. Characters in a tale frequently move from one location to another. The reader must get a sense of the unique setting's sight, smell, and sounds. The ability to begin a new paragraph aids readers in identifying a new location.

  1. A new idea may occasionally be introduced and require a new paragraph. Nonfiction materials experience this more frequently than fiction writings.

  1. Students frequently struggle with paragraphing when writing conversations. A new paragraph is required each time a new speaker is introduced in the story. Students still work with proper paragraphing in discussions even though this guideline has been around for a long time. Some students worry they will use too many short paragraphs in their essays. In reality, that typically indicates that they have overused dialogue and shouldn't have done it in the first place. Finally, a new paragraph should be started whenever a new speaker is heard.

  1. Start a new paragraph whenever time advances. Since kids have been exposed to this guideline since lower Primary, it comes naturally to them.

  2. When time goes backward, add a new paragraph, which means that a writer who wishes to recollect a memory from the past uses the phrase "last week" to do it.

These are some of the paragraph ideas from the house of 88tuition’s PSLE English tutors who help your child learn and score high in the PSLE English exam and also introduce various techniques to your child’s English learning.