I Love Reading | 5 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

I Love Reading | 5 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

Reading is one of the important parts of everyone's life. Everyone should grow the habit of reading during their lifetime. But in Today’s fast-moving world with high-speed internet no one wants to hold a book or read long stories. Everyone is addicted to the video form of content and easy methods to understand just the concepts. But the real knowledge lies in the books in the closet, Those yellow pages with wonderful smell holds tons of information than today’s YouTube.  So, here are the 5 ways to motivate reluctant readers and make reading their favorite hobby.



When do you ask someone, dont you like reading? Their answer will be like this, I love reading but I don't find my kind of choice. This is where everyone fails to build the quality of reading. Tons of books are available in each genre the main thing is to get them their favorite choice of books to read. Not everyone like non-fiction to read, and not everyone hates comics. To understand the taste of reading then feed the reader with the right choice. 

Learn a Little

The habit of reading comes with the habit of consistency as well. It's not like you start reading a 1000 pages book within a day. Reading starts with a few pages regularly. Consistently following it for a few days make it a habit and people start enjoying the habit of reading 

From Childhood

It's comparably easier to feed the child than to feed something new to the adult's brain. So when an individual is younger they get a chance to explore more possible opportunities. So if you are a parent make sure you adapt them to this reading habit. If you don't have enough time for that, Enroll your child in a PSLE English Tuition, where your child can learn the subject as well understand the habit of reading as well. Today’s internet is filled with a lot more options. So you can enroll in Best English Tuition with 88tuition. 


Be louder is one of the common statements every time a teacher shouts at us during our school days!. The most important thing is reading should be done with own interest. In some cases reading aloud helps to improve the way we pronounce words and improves the vocabulary a lot. So help the new readers read louder at the home and inspire them to louder in school or in colleges 

Plan it 

Cultivating reading habits to make your children smarter is an amazing idea but it should not be forced and done without their interest. What you can do is start preparing a plan or schedule for them on how they can start reading or when they can read. Set proper interval breaks and guide them on how to read. Start with Bedtime comics, gradually start reading other storybooks, then other genres. This helps not only a child but everyone can become an avid reader if they start doing all these steps.