Improve your children's science grade within 3 months

Improve your children's science grade within 3 months

Science is one of the hardest and most interesting subjects in PSLE. Not every student is the brightest one in the classroom. Sometimes even the brightest students can also lose focus and concentration resulting in low grades. Sometimes the children may be stuck in the confusion that results in underperforming in the studies. Let's see how we can improve your children’s science grades. 



Scoring good grades in any subject is based on the understanding level of the subject. So Understanding is the key factor that describes the scoring part. Start focusing on the regular classes while the teacher teaches. It gives a greater understanding of the subject 

Go through

Going through the lessons after school hours helps the children to concentrate more on the subject. Once after leaving the school take the subjects that have been taught during the class hours. If it is a science subject, then just go through each concept and try drawing the images to reconnect with the lessons. Maintain it as a habit on a regular basis. 

Subject materials 

Getting materials for any subject is really easy. But getting the right and exact necessary materials for the exam preparation is not an easy task. When the children know what to study and whatnot, they can focus more on the important part. Apart from schools, PSLE Science tuitions also provide your children with excellent materials for improving their grades.

Exam preparation

Preparing for exams is really stressful. When it comes to the PSLE science part there are lots of things to be considered. Give proper time for preparation at regular intervals. 

Before starting your preparation give time for preparing a proper timetable and follow that. It keeps you more organized and disciplined towards the exam and helps to get good grades

Allocating proper time for revision as well as not revising any new chapters at the moment before the examination are other key points to be kept in mind while preparations.


Getting proper guidance is the biggest part of this exam preparation and scoring part. Not every child gets a chance to get guidance and support from their parents. And some children are introverts and they require additional support and mentorship. 

Here comes the lifeline for your children’s education. 88tuition provides you with the best science tuition in Singapore provides online tutoring for your children at the comfort of your home itself. 

Stop procrastinating 

We all know procrastination is the biggest thief of our time. So avoid using electronic gadgets and utilize your time in a productive way. Once you start practicing self-discipline then everything falls into place. 

Good mental health

No matter what preparation you do, always keep your mind and body healthy. Mental health plays a vital role as we all have lots of stress in today's modern way of living. So parents should always take care of their children’s mental health. Students should never be ashamed or afraid to address the issue if they face anything.

Good mental health with proper following up with the above-mentioned strategies can help any kind of child to improve their grades soon.