6 Key tips to study effectively for PSLE academic exams

6 Key tips to study effectively for PSLE academic exams

Everyone knows PSLE is one of the toughest exams in their child’s academic career. To prepare for the exams one should have a solid plan to crack these exams and get a good score. Here are some of the tips and tricks to study effectively for PSLE exams  

Study Plan

Having a proper study plan is more important in your exam preparation schedule. Arrange a specific room for your study. And prepare a timetable for the whole exam period. Then prepare a timetable for each subject with proper schedules. 


Take proper intervals during your study. Follow the Pomodoro technique where you can study for 25 mins then take a short break then start focusing again. Regular intervals help you to focus more. 

Time for revision

As you know, the PSLE exam is not so easy, and only with proper practice can you crack it easily. So give yourself proper time for revision and practice the concepts frequently. Don't study anything new prior to the exam. Give yourself time for proper revision. 

Clear Doubts

Clear your doubts within proper time prior to the examination either with your staff or either with your friends. Most parents prefer their children to join PSLE tuition as it is more convenient for their children to clear doubts and learn from proper tutors.

Have Confidence

Having confidence in yourself is more important. Don't scare yourself or pressurize exam fears and become restless. Breathe fresh air and believe in yourself so that you can move ahead positively. 

Set Target

Set targets for yourself and achieve step by step. Setting yourself a target makes you feel energetic and the need to get success more. So set healthy and small targets where you can move forward and improve gradually in your education career. 

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