MASS Vs WEIGHT explained - PSLE Science

MASS Vs WEIGHT explained - PSLE Science

Confused between Mass and Weight, Here today in this blog post, PSLE science tuition online will cover all important points regarding Mass and Weight. Throughout the years, the difference between mass and weight has been a hotly debated topic. While there are many scientific theories behind the difference, the most basic explanation is that mass is the amount of matter in an object, while weight is the force exerted on that object.

What Is Mass?

Mass is also responsible for how a substance behaves. This is the most crucial topic to be covered in our PSLE science class.

For example, At the point when you drop a stone, it will fall quicker than if you drop a quill since rocks have more mass.

Mass is calculated in ways. One way is to use kilograms (kg). Another way is to use pounds (lb). There are also other units like grams (g), meters (m), and miles (mi).


M =  W/G

What Is Weight?

You may define weight as the entire force or pressure acting on any item or object by means of gravity.


W= M × G

Weight is measured in kilograms, and the value of W is the weight of the object in kilograms, while H is its height in meters.

Differences Between Mass And Weight

This is the most important section of our online science tuition -

  • Mass is constant, while weight changes with the acceleration of an object.

  • Mass is denser than air. This means that heavier objects have more mass and can weigh more.

  • Due to the heavy mass of an object, it is harder to move. This is why heavy objects take more effort to move than lighter objects.

  • The force of gravity affects everything with mass, including people and objects in space.

  • Weight is the measure of how much force is needed to apply a given amount of pressure to an object.

  • Weight is more affected by gravity than mass.

  • Weight is more affected by the densities of objects than mass.

  • Weight is always measured in units of mass (kg, pounds, etc.).

  • Mass represents scalar quantity while weight represents vector quantity.


So today we learned about Mass and Weight in our online science tuition Singapore. For more crisp knowledge, please read our other science topics