Mistakes that should be avoided while preparing for exams

Mistakes that should be avoided while preparing for exams

Exams play a very vital role in students’ life helping in shaping their future. Exams tend to put students in a very tight spot of pressure.

Thus students tend to make a few mistakes unintentionally which affects their end grades.


1. No road map:

    Many students head start aimlessly without any road map to their preparation, which in turn makes them unable to complete their syllabus. Studying without a plan always leads to confusion and a last-minute rush or mug-up. Thus it’s always very important to first figure out one's study plan to avoid messing up during exam pressure.


2. No prior preparation:

    Most students start preparing for the exams a week or a day before the commencement of the exam. This is surely a no-go path because it leaves you with no room for revision. Early preparation saves you from nervousness and helps you boost your score.


3. Continuously studying for hours:

A large set of people still believe studying continuously for hours can improve concentration and fast completion of the syllabus. This is a huge misconception. As per the latest reports, studying for 8-12 hours a day is completely fine but it is important to take a break of 5 minutes every 25 minutes.


4. Relying only on teachers notes and mugging up:

    Most students end up blindly relying only on their teacher's notes and simply mug up the answers for high scores. But without understanding the concepts it is no use in shaping your future and most students get flustered on the concept based on the box questions.

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