Mother’s Role in Her Child’s Education

Mother’s Role in Her Child’s Education

A typical family would see children spending a significant amount of time with their mothers in today’s culture. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you would be very interested in knowing how your child is doing at school.

Let us take a look at what mothers can do to have an influential role in their children’s education.

Listen to your child every day:

  • Ask what happened at school. Ask them to tell you what happened in each session.

  • This acts as a bonding opportunity for the child and at the same time acts as a recap of what they learned

  • Don’t forget to patiently listen to what they say about their friends and their feelings as well.

  • This step keeps you up to date on the syllabus taught.

  • Give them the feeling that you are always there for them and will listen to them at any cost

Talk to the teachers once a week:

  • Call and talk to the teachers or meet them at school when you go to pick up your child at least once a week.

  • Make it a scheduled thing so that the teachers know when to expect you

  • Talk to them about your child is doing and what steps you can take to help them at home

  • Your child should be with you when you talk to the teacher to build trust and respect

  • Remember to talk more about what they do well

  • Use words ‘what needs to be improved’ so that the child understands that there is room for growth rather than using negative words that make them feel bad about themselves

Plan your child’s time at home:

  • This will help you teach your children essential life skills

  • Take an hour every weekend to review their timetable at home

  • Remember to ask your child what’s important to them and let them decide what goes up on the timetable

  • You don’t have to push them to do extra homework hours; in fact, the goal is for them to understand how much time they actually need to invest in homework

  • That way, children will become self-motivated learners

  • Try and enrol your children in online PSLE tuitions and this will help them spend their time in an effective manner

  • There are a lot of PSLE tuitions in Singapore that provide a dashboard where parents can track the learning progress of their children

Encourage, encourage, encourage:

  • Children grow fastest when they have a sense of confidence that stems from their mothers

  • Show them that mistakes aren’t something to be ashamed of, as long as they immediately try to learn to fix it

  • Learning needs to be enjoyable

  • Decide on weekly rewards based on the amount of work they do, this could be the best way of mother involvement in child’s education

  • At the end of the day, what’s more, important is that your child trusts you completely