The Pros and Cons of Online Math Tuition in Singapore

The Pros and Cons of Online Math Tuition in Singapore

Online math tuitions are a boon :

This statement is really favourable for a lot of students as well as parents who find PSLE math is difficult. In general, online tuitions are always considered to be a go-to option when it comes to learning math and parents have no second thoughts about the same. For parents who have to help their wards in math as well as manage their work, online maths tuition can be a saviour. 

Well, no online tuition can be successful without having the best tutors and reliable learning resources. Online tuitions are a gateway to quality education and are a byproduct of technology and connectivity. Students not only get to learn from the best minds but also find great ways to keep them engaged in a productive manner. Especially during such times of pandemic, online math tuitions come with a lot of assessments and assignments that are challenging.

At 88tuition, we make it a point to simplify the lessons in such a manner that any child finds it interesting to solve a math problem. One of the biggest advantages of online maths tuition is children do not develop any fear or inhibition towards the subject instead they start loving it. This is what we strive to do at 88tuition and all our lessons are well planned and are based out of high-quality videos which capture the attention of every child. 

Online math tuitions can also have their own drawbacks :

What most of the parents complain about online maths tuition is the lack of clarity in the concepts. Though this is one important factor to note down, online tutors can help with the same and 88tuiiton has the best quality tutors who not only have several years of experience but also connect with each student personally. It is all about concepts when it comes to PSLE math and students have to practice a lot in order to gain command over the concepts.

Screen time which is yet another issue many parents are worried about is also something to be addressed upon. But when the entire concept of education is transforming, parents have to find healthy alternatives like a supportive and ergonomic environment, finding some time to play with their children, get them involved in any kind of a sport, and so on.