Is online tuition as effective as school learning for children?

Is online tuition as effective as school learning for children?

School learning and the pandemic :

Well, the previous year had been hard for all of us, and children were worst hit because of the pandemic. Their childhood days are something that has to be celebrated so that they are able to cherish them for their lifetime. Schools and schooling will have a major role to play in their childhood in terms of behavioral development, personality formation, positive attitude towards life, socializing norms, and so on apart from the actual education. Obviously, school learning is going to be way more effective on a lot of factors. But all of us are pushed to an extent where we have to learn to live through the fear and the consequences of the pandemic.

Children and their learning methodologies :

Be it school learning or online learning, the way each child grasps or understands a small topic is certainly unique. When it comes to school learning, the whole environment is monitored and there is an academic vibe all around the children. Best faculty, scheduled time tables, regular assessments and assignments, fun and play activities, and a lot more are directed towards the holistic development of a child. 

No child can be a master in learning unless there is some sort of fun element in it. This is the major reason why teachers and tutors are trained to come up with interesting and engaging teaching models and lesson plans that will help them grab the attention of each and every child. Online tuitions and online learning come as a blessing in disguise to both parents and children, especially in these worst times where even normal socializing is not possible. This is possibly one reason why PSLE tuition Singapore has been on the top list of guides that every parent might want to enroll their children.

Online learning and its impact on children :

Mostly online tuitions come with a lot of learning modules that are taken by the best tutors who have several years of professional online teaching experience. Yet another striking factor in online tuition platforms is that their way of framing every lesson in the PSLE subjects. Unknowingly, 88tuition has been the most loved best maths tuition Singapore as well as the best science tuition Singapore, because of our highly qualified and trained tutors who are able to develop a strong personalized connection with each and every child.

When we talk about engaging learning techniques, all our lessons are well planned and are available as quality video lessons so that children can learn and have fun at the same time. Every lesson is subdivided into smaller topics and is accompanied by videos for each of them. Regular assessments and home assignments are a boon because comprehensive feedback is provided to each child and parents can even track their learning progress from a dashboard and keep a track of the same. 

Children and parents can make the best use of this lockdown and pandemic by enrolling with our learning programs and get access to the leading online tuition platform in Singapore. In order to have a guilt-free learning process, online tuitions are a great option, definitely, without the guidance of tutors and parents, this might not turn out to be successful. Therefore make sure, you are wise enough to invest your time and money in quality learning.