Common mistakes and how to overcome them in PSLE science paper

Common mistakes and how to overcome them in PSLE science paper

Science is one of the important and interesting subjects for students who pursue PSLE. Students start learning science from Primary 3. The duration of the examination is 1 hr 45 minutes. Usually, students make a lot of careless mistakes when it comes to examinations, let's see what are the most common mistakes done by the students and how they can overcome them 

1. Being unaware of the questions

Usually, Section A consists of 28 MCQ questions and students miss out on some of the key points in the question and there is a chance to mark the wrong answers in a hurry.

To avoid this students must focus on the questions on the first preference and they have to choose the right answer with patience.

2. Too much importance for MCQ’s

Every student's common mistake is they spend a lot of time in the Section which is in the first place or else with the MCQ. Sometimes some questions may not be familiar to you and you try to figure out the right answer and it consumes your time. 

You can always come back once after completing the biggest parts of the paper. Make sure that you are marking out the right answers but also confirming the other options are not relevant to the given question.

3. Leaving incomplete

When it comes to Section B students need to write a lot of answers when comparing with Section A. Usually, students run out of time and miss out on some of the important keywords and they leave some of the questions with incomplete answers. This affects their score as well. Without proper keywords and incomplete answers, the examiner cannot offer good marks to the student.

To avoid this students must manage time in the examination hall and writing practice of important questions and answers before the examination is a must. With the help of writing practice, students can write the exam well without missing out on the answer.

4. Wrong answers

Students usually check out the question paper at a glance immediately after the invigilator gives the question paper. But what happens students will become happy if they see any of their favorite questions. In a hurry, there might be a chance of giving wrong answers to a specific question. So understanding the question and recalling the exact answer before writing the answer is more important.

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5. Leaving Blank

During the examination students often blank out and if they don't know the answers, students often leave blank spaces. Leaving blank spaces for particular questions leaves a bad impression on the rest of the answer sheet as well. 

To avoid this students must ensure preparation before the examination and should cover the syllabus at least once and revising before the examination helps to avoid leaving empty spaces in the answer sheet.

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