How to overcome the problems children are facing in PSLE Maths?

How to overcome the problems children are facing in PSLE Maths?

PSLE Maths is considered as one of the hardest subjects when compared with other subjects. A majority of students suffer from anxiety and fear when it comes to maths as it is a cumulative subject.


Understand the basics of mathematics before entering into big problems. Some children are not really into basics. When the basics are not so good they couldn't do well in other chapters as well. So be clear with the basic and small chapters so that it will be easy when coming to the higher chapters. 

Understand the problems

Understand the areas of the problem of your child where he/she is lacking with mathematics. Segment them into different parts and start giving them more consideration than other easier parts. 


Maths is all about formulas. Avoid memorizing the formulae and try understanding the root where it came from so that you don't need to memorize or confuse things. 

Regular Mathematics

When it comes to maths it's not like other subjects to study before the exam night. It's always complicated and requires regular practice. So practicing mathematics problems right from the beginning helps to score well in mathematics. 

Play Mathematics

Use mathematics in a funny way. Start playing number games. Start using maths in regular day-to-day life. 


Some children learn everything on their own and some people require proper guidance. With proper guidance for mathematics, children can learn well and score well. Some kids require special care and attention so making them join in maths tuition is always well and good. 


Everything can be done if the confidence level is good. Help them to learn and don't force them. So make your child understand that it's just a subject and help them to overcome the fear and don't stress them with marks. 

So here are some of the primary ways to overcome math fear and learn in a better manner.

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