Planning the schedule for revision during the PSLE exams

Planning the schedule for revision during the PSLE exams

As the PSLE exams are near every child will be stressed out as the school will not be concentrating much on preparation and planning. Forcing the child on PSLE does not help to score more. Helping them during this academic year helps them a lot. At Least one parent should be supportive during the examinations. A proper plan and perfect practice help the student to reach a higher level. 

Proper Plan 

A proper study plan will help them to keep engaged. You might think what is a perfect plan. Planning for the exams will be confusing. So a proper plan includes everything from keeping them engaged to guiding them to score good marks. 


Preparing a timetable first based on the PSLE exam timetable. Deciding what subject to study first and allocating them in a proper order based on the child’s strengths and weaknesses helps to choose the subject for the schedule. Prioritize the subject that needs to be taken care of much and a lot of time based on the hardness of the subject. 

Subject materials

Based on the subjects, try collecting the perfect materials. Either from the teachers or the internet. Primary PSLE tuition not only helps you with tuition but also helps you with a proper timetable for exam preparation, timetable, materials, etc., So if you can't prepare on your own, choose a proper PSLE tuition for your exams. 

Subjects to subject matters

Start breaking down the subjects into simpler subject matters, that is choose the important topics and study accordingly. Then try to complete the subjects with proper intervals. After completing the subjects, never fail to give time for revision. Follow the Pomodoro technique for better results. Because time management plays a major role in the part of exam preparations. 

Study Area

No matter how you plan for the preparation, the place where you choose to study has a major impact on exam preparation. Choose a place where you can stay calm and focused and try to avoid mobile phones and any other entertainment things during the preparation time. 

These are some of the tips that help the student to schedule in the proper manner and help the student to do their exam preparation. If the parents couldn't help their students as well as they could not travel to pick up and drop their children, they can opt for other options. 

Nowadays you can even study from the comfort of your own home with help of PSLE online tuition that is led by leading institutions in Singapore like 88tuition.