Poor Study habits that kids should avoid

Poor Study habits that kids should avoid

Examining your child's current study skills is the first step toward becoming a more successful student. Identifying problem areas can assist you in addressing any issues. Eliminating poor study habits helps every PSLE candidate to score more, stay till the end to know more about how can you avoid poor study habits

1. Beginning A Study Session Without A Strategy

Beginning a study session without the right plan is the worst thing ever, Make a study plan for your child before he or she begins studying. Help your child set a goal for each study session, such as which concepts he or she should be able to explain or how many pages of an assignment he or she will write.

2. Studying While Watching Television

Choose a low-traffic area in your home where your child can study without being distracted. Make this an area dedicated to studying. This will encourage your child to get to work right away. If at all possible, avoid your child's bedroom—this space should be reserved for relaxing and sleeping!

3. Avoid Distractions from Social Media and Cell Phones

Social media plays a major role in distractions, so to fix this problem, turn off your phone and log out of your social media accounts. Save checking in on Facebook or texting a friend for a study break—or, even better, after your child has finished his or her homework for the day.

4. Organizing Disorganized Notes

Missing out notes and being disorganized is another main reason. To begin, separate notes from each subject into their own folder. Then, begin practicing taking more effective notes. Experiment with various note-taking methods and assist your child in determining which one works best for him or her.

5. Not seeking assistance from the teacher when you do not understand

Spend a couple of minutes each night reviewing and reflecting on what your child learned in class that day. Make notes on anything he or she didn't understand so that your child can take it to the teacher for clarification.

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