How can primary school children learn English effectively?

How can primary school children learn English effectively?

English is one of the greatest tools for everyone for communication in this fast-growing world. Lots of people struggle at their later stage as their foundation in the English language is not so good. This leaves their career in turmoil. So learning from the initial stage is really a good thing. Here are some important tips to improve primary school children's English effectively.

Start speaking 

No matter how hard you practice, language grabs its low when you start speaking. Just start speaking with just simple words. Start with simple greetings and try to frame small sentences. This helps you start speaking as a beginner. Help your child with small and simple sentences.


Similar to speaking, visuals also help your child to learn English in a good manner. A child may not be able to understand the word “football” but is able to realize the ball’s image or video if she or he sees that. Usually, visuals help with children’s education as well as increase their memory capacity. 

Use role plays

Using role-plays with interesting characters between children helps them to build the conversation and this increases fun too. Roleplaying not only results in improving your conversation but also helps in improving the confidence of an individual. 

Read stories

Start helping your children to read books. Start with very short books or small storybooks that help them to learn more vocabulary. Vocabulary helps you build better sentences. So make the child learn more stories to improve vocabulary. 


Allowing your child to take English tuition in a reputed tuition center helps your child to improve their language skill. Experienced tutors not only help children to learn English. They help the children to communicate and converse in English. 88tuition is one of the best English tuition in Singapore. If you are interested head up to our website and book your slot today. 


And finally, relax and be confident. English is easy to learn as well as to speak. With constant practice, it's very easy to learn. Learn the language in a funny way and not stress yourself.