Promising Online Science Tuition in Singapore

Promising Online Science Tuition in Singapore

Singapore as a country which has legalised homeschooling and this has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many parents have acknowledged the fact that they find homeschooling effective with the help of online tuitions.

Parents find it a bit difficult to help their children cope up with science because science is one subject where children cannot ignore any of the facts or concepts. To sort this issue many online tuition platforms have come up with a variety of interesting methods to engage the children.

88tuition is one of the best science tuitions in Singapore especially when it comes to online PSLE tuitions. It is one of the most promising primary science tuition in Singapore because of the following factors:

    • Engaging lessons:

      The lessons are presented in a very engaging manner and are also updated time and again depending on the regulations and changes in the syllabus. Science lessons are made engaging by the best tutors. 

    • Best tutors:

      88tuition has partnered with the best teachers of Singapore for all the subjects especially when it comes to Science because the tutor has to be experienced to handle the subject in a very effective manner. The tutors not only pay individual attention to their students but they also address their concerns and make the learning process entirely fun.

    • Quality learning material :

      All the subjects are presented in the form of quality videos and they are made accessible to all the students as well as parents. When any content is presented in the form of videos, children find them attractive and appealing and they take extra interest in learning the subject.

    • Affordable pricing :

      Keeping in mind the rising cost of education 88tuition strives to deliver quality education to all the students at an affordable pricing range. You will find your children engage in learning very happily after they learn with the help of online tuition.

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    • Devote time for learning as well as for play:

      No child can master his subject if he does not engage himself in any of the sports or other activities apart from learning. So online tuitions are a boon to children who can play as well as learn thereby not disturbing their playtime.

    • Track your progress:

      The dashboard comes with tracking options to track the learning progress that can be accessed by the parents to know where their children stand in terms of subjects and how far they can improve on their weakness and strengths.