Advantages and Disadvantages of PSLE Online Classes

Advantages and Disadvantages of PSLE Online Classes


The PSLE exams have been the player in deciding the career objective of the students in Singapore because of the intensity of evaluation, the entire series of learning, the assessment pattern, etc. Parents, on considering their children’s future, worry a lot about helping them score well in PSLE exams. Nowadays the children find the entire process of scoring good in PSLE a stressful because of the growing competition. This can be battled in the ease with clear planning and implementing them.


The PSLE barrier at the end of primary school which determines the area of academic strengths of the candidates which helps the teachers and the parents to tune up the students into the respective stream. This in turn stands as a limelight to the child to prefer and opt for a suitable academic program in a secondary school which best suits his/her interests and areas of excellence. 


A schedule or a timetable must be structured in such a way that, it involves the coverage of both academics and games or other activities in which the child is interested in. Such schedules can do wonders in the learning behaviour of the candidate. No child can work monotonously. The preparations prior to the exams, coming up with a tight schedule will only push the student into a stressful learning environment. No way it helps in scoring good in examinations. A consistent schedule involving daily assignments, revision, solving question papers, reading etc., can give significant results.


Singaporean parents’ efforts on making their children achieve a holistic education never failed to amaze the world. The practise of homeschooling has been in practice for a long time, which makes the parents and children feel empowered in online tuitions also on the other hand. A PSLE online tuition not only teaches the usual teaching of lessons but also covers the entire important aspects of the learning process such as techniques of answering, identification of the accurate keywords, home tests, assignments, feedback on regular basis etc. 88tuition ensures that it has got it all right and the tutors ensuring that they engage very well, each of the students. This makes the parents free of stress. The students get individual attention. Alongside, parents and children can have a track of the learning progress. The lessons are virtually taken on the video-basis and this happens to be engaging so that children do not get bored.


Goals which are set must be realistic, unique, and measurable in a way that it cannot be surreal. The goals set by each student cannot be the same as the children themselves are unique. The goals that are set defines the learning ability of the child and their grasping power. No child can be compared with their peer member. The children must be observed to provide them with the required support and care at the required places seeking the help of the tutors. It must be made sure that any topics are not omitted. The more the child reads, the more will he or she be able to write.



This statement is favourable for many students as well as parents who find PSLE is difficult. Generally, online tuitions are mostly considered to be the immediately accepting option when it comes to learning core subjects such as math and science. While parents too do not have a second thoughts about the same. For parents who must help their wards in studying as well as manage their work, PSLE tuitions online are a redeemer.

Well, online tuition cannot be effective and productive without having the best tutors and reliable learning resources. Online tuitions are a combination of both technology and connectivity were the knowledge of the subject is shared. Students in 88tuition not only get to educated from the best minds with proper knowledge but also find effective ways to keep them engaged in a productive manner. Especially during such times of pandemic, PSLE online tuitions come with a lot of assessments and assignments that are challenging.

At 88tuition, the lessons are simplified in such a manner that any child finds it interesting and innovative to solve a math problem and to interpret and understand a scientific theory. One of the biggest advantages of online classes at 88tuition is that the children can take their own time to understand the subject and reciprocate. Individual attention is achieved easily through online classes. The fear of inhibition towards the subject is removed easily. This is what, 88tuition strive to do. The lesson plan to teach the children are preplanned and the notes are based out of high-quality videos which capture the attention of every child.


The primary complaint that is registered regularly in conducting online classes is that the lack of clarity of concept. This being the important factor to be considered as the major disadvantage of the online tuition classes, the students can seek the tutors’ help in finding out the clarity in concepts. The tutors at 88tuition are provided with access to connect to the students personally, and vice versa. It is all about concepts when it comes to PSLE tuitions for math, science and it's all about terms and grammar when it comes to English. Here the students have to practice a lot in order to gain command over the concepts.

Increased screen time which is yet another issue many parents are worried about is also something to be addressed upon. But, to the matter of fact, when the entire concept of education is transforming, parents have to find healthy alternatives like a supportive environment, providing the children with an essential diet that helps in build the body health, get them involved in any kind of a sport, engaging them more in family time etc.