PSLE English Oral - A Practical Guide For Students

PSLE English Oral - A Practical Guide For Students

The need for PSLE English oral exam:

English as a language seems to be challenging for many of the students and this is one of the major reasons why PSLE brought in the oral English exam. English is a language that can be mastered easily but it seeds several hours of dedication and commitment. PSLE English tests the confidence level among students and how independent their thoughts could be. If a student can think on his own and come up with answers that are not repetitive, it would be a plus. Parents and students seek the help of English tuition in order to get the overall idea behind acing the oral exams.

The structure of PSLE English oral exam:

The oral exam comprises two parts - reading aloud and stimulus-based conversation. Both the sections test the oral skills of students, how their reading skills are, how confident they can sound when they read a passage, how well they can articulate the things they saw, and so on. Students need to make use of the time they are given during the exam, make relevant notes, and be able to demonstrate effective oral skills. Fluency, independent articulation of thoughts is the key here.

Preparation guidelines for the oral exam:

In order to help students score well in the oral exam, we at 88tuition have come up with structured learning programs that are being held by the most professional English tutors online. Practice is the most important factor. Reading a lot of passages, understanding the nuances of pronunciation can help students go a long way. During the exam, fluency is tested and not even accurate. Our tutors will ensure every student is attended to personally and this is why we have been ranked the best English tuition Singapore consecutively. 

For the stimulus-based conversation, students will be presented with a visual to discuss. They will be given time to prepare themselves and the questions will revolve around the visual. Students will have to possibly think of what could be the different questions. Here is where they can get creative with their responses and keep expanding or developing their own sentences based on each new question. Avoiding repetition will help score better.