Rules for Answering English Comprehension queries

Rules for Answering English Comprehension queries

You heard it right, Comprehension. Word comprehension is one of the important topics in PSLE English. People think it's really a huge and hectic topic to score marks. But the fact is comprehension is one of the easiest parts where you can score really good marks. Comprehension is a short story or paragraphs taken from a poem, lesson, or novel with few questions to answer.

Some children make minor mistakes and lose marks on such topics. Here we are with you, to sort our English Comprehension queries,

Read the Questions

When it comes to comprehension one should understand the paragraph in depth. Read it twice or thrice. It gives you a clear picture of what to answer next. The next important thing is to read the questions. If questions are not read properly then the answers will also give the answers wrong.


After learning the questions, it's time to re-read the paragraph again. Understand the paragraph and start understanding the questions. Because with comprehension you will be getting the simple questions, true or false, MCQ’s Justifications, and much more. So after reading the questions, start trying to understand the questions, then automatically the answering part starts. 


Even though comprehension looks simple ,you will need practice. We are answering these comprehension questions from the 2nd or 3rd grades. Yet practice will help you to understand the comprehension correctly and give answers for that. If you can't get a chance to get comprehension practice, Inform your PSLE English teacher or PSLE English tuition center to take care of the comprehension practice. 

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One of the critical parts of the PSLE English Exam is to answer the comprehension. So understand the questions clearly and answer everything. After answering the questions, recheck the answers and verify on your own whether it is really right or wrong. Sometimes we might miss this in a hurry. So rechecking is one of the important things when it comes to comprehension.

These are the important things that you should keep in mind when you answer for comprehension next time.