Should your children take additional math classes for ‘o’ level ?

Should your children take additional math classes for ‘o’ level ?

Students are not required to take additional classes exclusively for O levels but when a student finds it difficult to cope with the subject, maths tuition Singapore has always been in the limelight. As parents, once you are able to identify the common mistakes that your child makes for math, then you will be able to know better on how to help your child with PSLE math. This step of identifying your child’s mistakes becomes easier with the help of professional math tutors from 88tuition, the best math tuition ever.

It’s very common for students to make mistakes. However, it is even more important to understand why they make those mistakes in order to understand what they need to practice more. For example, if your child forgets to include the units in the answer, it is not a ‘careless mistake’. 

The type of mistakes can be categorized into conceptual, procedural, or comprehension mistakes. 

Conceptual mistakes: where there is a gap in understanding of a mathematical concept. One of the most obvious examples is that when students are asked to write out the number when given the written form of it, they generate an incorrect number. For example, students are asked to write out five thousand, four thousand, and seventy-three. They give the answer as 50040073.

Procedural mistakes: the mistake occurs when the child incorrectly applies a procedure when solving a problem. It can be the simple mistake of not inverting fractions or not aligning decimals.

Comprehension mistakes: when a child misunderstands or is unable to comprehend what the question has asked. This is more common at lower levels when children may not have grasped English well enough to answer long story-type problems, also called ‘word problems’.

When mistakes can be addressed, students find it way too easy to complete the exams. Math tuitions make sure students take up a lot of online assessments and home assignments where they get to practice a lot with the difficult areas such as algebra, trigonometry, fractions, and so on. PSLE math is all about taking extra efforts to practice a lot and gain an in-depth understanding of the formulae and concepts.